How to Add a Concealed Lining Pocket

Add an elegant detail to your Twig + Tale garment by making a hidden interior pocket in the lining - perfect for Trailblazer and Pathfinder Vests.  Sized to hold a phone or wallet, the concealed pocket is simple to make, but will give your garment an impressive finish!  


  • Trailblazer or Pathfinder Front Pattern Piece
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Fabric marking pencil
  • Paper for making pocket pattern piece
  • A small piece of fabric for creating the pocket.  

 1.  Cut the Front pattern piece straight across, just above the curve for the underarm.  Add 3/8" (1cm) seam allowance on each side of the cut.  These will be referred to as the Upper Front piece and the Lower Front piece.  

2.  Mark notches on the edge of the Upper Front and Lower Front pieces 4.75" (12cm) apart, centred between the sides of the pattern piece.  


3.  Cut a pocket piece 5.5" (14cm) x 13.4" (34cm).  Mark notches along the short edges, 3/8" (1cm) from each corner.  


4.  Line up the notches and sew the pocket to the Upper Front piece, right sides together.   


5.  Turn the pocket down, press, and topstitch 1/8" (3mm) from the seam.

6.  Sew the pocket to the Lower Front piece, making sure right sides are together.  


7.  Fold the pocket piece up, press, and topstitch 1/8" (3mm) from the seam.  

The Upper Front and Lower Front pieces are now joined together by the pocket piece:

8.  Folding the pocket in half with right sides together, align the edges of the Upper Front and Lower Front pieces right sides together.  Stitch from centre front edge, 3/8" (1cm) into pocket (marked with notch), pivot and stitch one side of pocket to where the pocket is folded.  Repeat from the other side starting from the armhole.  

 9.  Press the pocket and the seam down.  Here is how the pocket will look from the right side:

...and from the wrong side:

You now have a beautifully-finished concealed pocket sewn into the lining of your vest!

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