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Download FREE Dragon Sewing Pattern

(If you experience issues downloading the Dragon file - please email support@twigandtale.com)

Let them swoop and soar as their favourite animal - add a Dragon to your collection!  The Twig + Tale Dragon is perfect for keeping them warm as they run wild and fly free.

Add-on Features
  • Wings for Animal Vest/Coat
  • Wings for Animal Cape (different)
  • Rounded spikes & Dragon ears (for a "Pete's Dragon" inspired creation )
  • Dragon Tail
  • Comprehensive tutorial + inspiration pages

This add-on contains the Dragon Elements and Tutorial, however you will need the pattern pieces and instructions from an original Twig + Tale Animal garment to make your dragon.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Animal vest

Lovely pattern, great instructions. Room for lots of fun to be had.

Gorgeous add-on

I used this upgrade on the traveller cape to make a cranky bear costume for bookweek. The instructions were great and I love all the images that come with it showing you what you need to do. Thanks for a great upgrade!


I used this pattern, along with the Pathfinder Vest and Dragon Add-On documents, to create my son's dragon Halloween costume. I was very pleased with the results and I felt very accomplished once I was done. The project is by far the most complicated thing I personally have done in my sewing journey. I would say I am an advanced beginner, or maybe intermediate, but that's not based on anything other than my own judgement call. That being said, the patterns really helped my through this since they were so clear, detailed, and pretty easy to understand. I was under a little pressure since I was getting this done the weekend before Halloween, which I don't recommend when taking on a new project. ;) But like l said, I was able to complete the project with little stress (given the circumstances), which I would largely attribute to a great pattern!

Animal upgrade

Love it so much .

beautiful easy to use patterns

your patterns are so awesome and so easy to use. I certainly will be buying more

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