Animal Add-on

Transform your Twig + Tale pattern into an animal version with our famous Animal Add-ons!  Every add-on includes all 14 different animal options.

      What's Included

      1. Animal hood pattern pieces (specific to the original pattern)
      2. Animal elements such as ears, horns + antlers
      3. Animal tails 
      4. Animal pocket piece with options for claws + paw prints
      5. Full sewing instructions

      Simply select your add-on from the dropdown menu.  
      Please select carefully as due to the nature of digital files, they cannot be refunded.

      List of Patterns with Animal Add-ons
      • Pixie Pea Coat
      • Traveller Cape pattern / Red Riding Hood Cape
      • Pathfinder Vest
      • Baby Pathfinder Vest
      • Women's Pathfinder Vest
      • Petal Dress  (choose either Upgrade Baby Vest or Upgrade Child Vest depending on the sizes you need!)
      Animal Add-on FAQ

      You must have already purchased one of the original garment patterns as these upgrades do NOT contain all the pattern pieces for the original garment.

      Q:   Can I use the same add-on for all the kids patterns?
      A:   As the necklines are different between the garments, you will need to purchase the add-on specifically for the garment you are sewing.  (The exception is the Child Pathfinder + Child Pixie Pea Coat add-on pattern pieces which can be used interchangeably. Please note that the add-on will only contain the sewing instructions for the selected add-on.)

      Q:   What is the difference between buying the Pathfinder Vest + Animal Add-on versus the Animal Vest?
      A:    Absolutely nothing.  If you order the Animal Vest you receive a copy of the Pathfinder Vest and a copy of the Animal Add-on.  We decided to offer the add-on separately for folks who bought the Pathfinder originally and now wish to make it into an animal version.  Same goes for the Pixie Pea Coat and the Traveller Cape.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 96 reviews

      I love the baby version of the pathfinder vest. I had a week notice of a baby shower and since I've made the child and adult versions, knew I could make a quick gift for a friend with this well written pattern. I re-used a corduroy skirt for the outer layer and some double gauze for the inner layer.


      It can be simple or complex depending on what you like. My little one looks so comfortable wearing it.

      Pathfinder with unicorn add on

      My 3yr old picked the unicorn option & I was happy to oblige. The instructions are great & we’ve had so many compliments & she loves wearing it!

      Animal add on for pathfinder vest

      I made the unicorn add on. I found it easy to follow for a beginner. It was tricky at times getting everything to line up. Especially as I used a vintage blanket. The bulk of all the fabric together. But overall the pattern is very satisfying and it came out awesome. Will be making a dinosaur next.


      Absolutely beautiful patterns! So easy to follow and put together.

      Confidence booster

      As a beginner sewer this pattern has boosted my confidence immensely! I was able to complete the dinosaur vest completely on my own! Twig & Tale patterns are my all time favourite for their ease of use. I cannot wait to try them all!

      Dino add on

      A great addition. 🦕🦖


      Such a fantastic pattern (set of patterns) they are so versatile and customizable . Absolutely love it

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