Fleur Doll + Clothing Bundle - Materials List

Fabric suggestions and yardage requirements

24” of 44” wide fabric (60cm of 115cm wide fabric).  You can use flesh-coloured broadcloth, calico, linen or other plain cotton material for her body.  This will be enough for two dolls, but you will need this amount in order to make one.


Supplies & notions

  • 50-75gm ball of natural yarn for hair.  Acrylic yarn will go fuzzy quickly, so it is not recommended.
  • Upholstery weight thread in a similar color to the hair for stitching hair onto the scalp
  • Upholstery weight or linen thread in skin color for joining the limbs onto the body
  • Regular thread in skin color for general sewing of the doll
  • 4 small neutral buttons for attaching arms and legs to the body
  • Stuffing: I like to use clean, carded wool, but polyester fiberfill also works.


Embroidery floss

These are simply suggestions – feel free to use what you have on hand.  You will need only a small amount of each color.

  • DMC 334—Base Iris Color
  • DMC 322—Lowlight Iris Color
  • DMC 3325—Highlight Iris Color
  • DMC 301 Black—Pupils & Lashes
  • DMC White—Highlight in the eye
  • DMC 739—Under Eye Detail
  • DMC 225—Nose
  • DMC 223—Pink Lips
  • DMC 300—Choose a similar colour to her hair


  • Water erasable marker for marking on the facial features
  • Doll needle - approximately 3 ½" (9 cm) - found in most craft stores
  • Cardboard or board measuring approximately 17" x 11 ½" (45 x 30 cm).  This is used for wrapping yarn around to make hair - it needs to be quite firm so that it won’t bend
  • Optional:  Haemostat - for turning little things out and placing little bits of stuffing

Fleur's Clothing Bundle 

Kimono Dress
  • Scraps of fabric for dress – if purchasing from a bolt, you will need less than 1/4 yard (25 cm). You might not get it out of a fat quarter if the print is directional
  • 9" (23 cm) of quarter-inch (0.5cm) elastic for sleeves
  • 3 small snaps to fasten back of dress
  • Trim, if desired, for neckline and hem

French Knickers
  • Scraps of fabric - you can also use the leftover fabric from the dress if you wish.
  • 21.5" (55 cm) of quarter-inch (0.5 cm) elastic
  • Scraps of black felt
  • Tiny bow for trim if desired
  • Scrap of firm cardboard
  • Small amount of embroidery floss in the same color as the felt

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