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About Our Patterns

There’s nothing quite as special as a Twig + Tale pattern. Here’s why.

Sewing a T+T pattern is to celebrate both the innocence of childhood and the wonder of nature. Here you can slow down, reconnect with your creativity and sew your story with intention.

We guide you step-by-step and teach you how to do everything you need to complete your project. Free video guides are included in most tutorials. Our tutorials are famous for being beautifully explained and photographed. 

Our pattern range includes, baby, child and adult sizes. View size charts. 

We include an up-cycle guide in each pattern to help you know what to look for when sourcing recycled materials for your project. 

Pattern Features
Play Friendly
Recycle Friendly
How to Assemble a PDF Pattern

A quick look at how to put together a PDF pattern ready to sew.

View a Sample Video

Many Twig + Tale patterns have step-by-step video tutorials included alongside the regular instructions.  Great for visual learners!

Printing + Assembly

1. Download PDF

You will find a clickable download link in the receipt email or in your Twig + Tale account.

2. Print

Our pattern pieces print perfectly with no scaling required. Customize your PDF to print only the size lines you need. 

3. Tape

Line up the pages like a giant, easy, jigsaw puzzle, then tape them together. 

4. Cut

Cut around the size line you are wishing to sew, or trace them onto paper. 

You can also take to the copy shop and print on big paper or order print on demand.  Read more about how to use PDF patterns here

what customers say about our patterns

"Very well written and easy to follow, as are all of Twig + Tale's patterns (and I'm a beginner at sewing.) The pattern looks like it would be hard but is so easy. I love that the videos are clear, short, and to the point unlike most other sewing videos."

Amy Klopstad


"As always, a beautiful pattern by Twig + Tale to make a professionally finished garment simple enough for most sewists.  Instructions are clear and the finish and fit is great. And as always, I love Twig + Tales ethos and suggestions and making these garments from repurposed materials."


"This is one of the most finely drafted patterns I've sewn. In addition - the instruction video is not only well done but creative and delightfully uplifting in the best way possible. Kudos."


Bend, US

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Give any garment a more personalised, heartfelt touch that’ll be cherished forever.  Learn how to embroider with our free video series.

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About Twig + Tale

Twig & Tale is a place where imagination runs wild. Our sewing patterns embrace simple, step-by-step construction and the timeless charm of natural materials.

From my treehouse studio hidden within the New Zealand forest, I draft clothing and toy patterns that capture the essence of childhood storybooks. To me, sewing is a magical journey, full of adventure and the wonderful tales that each material holds. I believe in reusing fabrics when possible and bringing new life to old things, in spending time (sometimes together, sometimes alone) to let the spirit run free.

To me, sewing is not just about creating things, but creating memories.

In 2008, a devastating crush injury to my right hand left me unable to perform everyday tasks and hand therapy became my life. Recovery was slow and painstaking, and the day I was finally able to thread a needle felt like a miracle. Though it took me weeks to finish projects that others might whip up in a nap time, the joy of creating something beautiful from such a painful experience empowered me to keep hoping, working, and creating. 

In 2011 I began selling the little things I so carefully and lovingly crafted during "hand therapy." Year by year, stitch by stitch, my shop and studio (previously known as Big Little) continue to be a reminder of all things possible. 

Twig & Tale is for everyone who shares a love of creativity and an adventurous spirit — beginner sewers especially!

It's a celebration of the innocence of childhood and the wonder of nature. It's about comfy clothes and warm things like hugs and capes and coats. It's about handmade, love, and imaginary play—featuring classic, simple patterns that inspire us all to tell a story.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are PDF sewing patterns?

PDF sewing patterns are a digital file containing pattern pieces and sewing instructions, sent to your email address after purchase.  Simply print, assemble and you are ready to sew!  

Digital PDF pattern offer some benefits over paper patterns:

- Download, print and reuse them as many times as you like.

- Your pattern is delivered instantly so you can get started as soon as inspiration strikes.

- You will always receive the latest update of your pattern without having to repurchase.

- You have access to the support of an international online sewing community, and Twig + Tale Team.

See this post for an overview of how to use a PDF pattern.

How do I print the pattern pieces - are they full size?

All you need is a regular home printer.

Our pattern pieces are full size, tiled, and ready to print on either US Letter sized paper or A4 sized paper.  

Once printed, you line them up like a giant, easy jigsaw puzzle then assemble.

Certain patterns also include an A0 file that you can take to a copy shop and print on large sheets of paper so you can skip the assembly and get straight to sewing!

For step by step instructions on using layers, please see this post.

Are your patterns suitable for a new sewer?

Yes!  Many have learnt to sew using the clear and detailed instructions that Twig + Tale patterns are becoming famous for.

The majority of Twig + Tale patterns are designed with beginners and "adventurous" beginners in mind.  However, we do offer some intermediate level patterns for those wishing to expand their sewing skills. 

If you are looking for something simple to begin with, we recommend the ever-popular Pixie Hat.

Do I need any special equipment

All you need is a sewing machine!  If you can sew a straight line and turn a corner, you can make the majority of our sewing patterns.

Do you have a free pattern to try?

Our Petal Wrap Dress & Tunic is free and will give you the full Twig + Tale pattern experience. 

You can find the Petal Wrap Dress + Tunic here

What do Twig + Tale patterns include?

Twig + Tale patterns are becoming well known for allowing beginner sewers to complete projects which appear more challenging than they are!

Each Twig + Tale PDF pattern contains:

- Simple step-by-step instructions accompanied by clear photographs

- Print-at-home pattern pieces.

- A gallery of tester photos to inspire you.

- Our famous Upcycle Guide offering suggestions for repurposing old garments into gorgeous new items.  

- A summary of the instructions that you can print and store with your pattern pieces.

- Certain patterns include Video guides showing you how to complete each step. 

- Certain patterns include an A0 pattern pieces file that can be printed at a copy-shop on large sheets of paper so you can skip the assembly and get straight to sewing!

Please note: The pattern listing will state whether a video guide or A0 file is available.

Please note: our patterns are instant digital downloads - you will not receive a paper pattern in the post.

Can I purchase a pattern as a gift?

Yes! Pattern make wonderful gifts - you can find our gift cards here.

If you have a special request please contact Leonie on

Do you sell finished products?

We do not sell any ready-made, made-to-order, or finished items.  If you are looking to purchase from a shop, do get in touch ( and we might be able to help find someone who does sell finished items.  Alternatively, you could ask or look in our Facebook Chat Group.

What payments methods do you accept?

We currently accept the following forms of payment: Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Google Pay and Apple Pay. 

Checking out in a currency other than USD is only available via credit card.

How can I get help?

We're here to help. Please email Leonie at for support with downloading and account issues.
We also warmly invite and encourage you to join the Twig + Tale Chat Group on Facebook - a friendly community where you can ask questions, receive pattern support and share pics of your finished Twig + Tale garments.