Hot Water Bottle Cover - Sizing + Materials List

Suggested fabrics

This pattern is particularly well suited for recycling soft sweaters and wool blankets.  I like to wash them on a hot wash and dry them in a dryer to “felt” them a little first - this makes the fibres more stable and the cover even warmer.  You could, however, use any warm, soft fabric such as fleece, minky or wool blends.


Fabric & notion requirements

  • 1/2 yard/meter of 44” (115cm) fabric will make two covers, but you will need this amount to make one.
  • 25 inches (65cm) bias binding - this is only needed if you are not using the ribbing from the edge of a sweater or the selvedge edge of a blanket.
If embroidering the Dandelion: 
  • Yarn in white/cream for dandelion tufts, green for stem and brown for seeds
  • Embroidery needle with an eye large enough to thread the yarn through.

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