Trailblazer Maternity and Baby Carry Add-on - Materials List

Suggested Fabrics

Exterior: Wool, wool blends, corduroy, denim, pre-quilted cottons, canvas, cotton drill, suede and oil skin are all suitable fabrics. You could use quilting cottons for a spring weight vest or quilt an extra layer in between the exterior and lining fabric for extra warmth.  If you wanted a puffer-style vest, then polyester or nylon with batting quilted onto it works well.   You might consider using a stable knit for the side panels for a little extra “give” where the toddler’s legs/knees will be.
Please note:  It is NOT recommended to use thick fabrics for both lining and exterior as it may be challenging to sew through certain areas. **You may need to size up if using batting or using a thick fabric lining such as sherpa.

Lining: Traditionally you would use a slippery fabric for lining; however, cotton, linen and flannel work well too. Sherpa is also a deliciously snugly lining fabric. If using a lightweight exterior fabric, you could use pre-quilted polyester lining to provide extra warmth. 

Other Supplies & Notions

  • Spool of coordinating thread
  • Elastic 3/4” (2cm) wide - approx 25” (60cm)
  • Optional - hook and loop tape, approximately 4” (10cm)
  • Separating zipper (opens completely at both ends) which matches exactly the teeth size/brand of the zipper used for the Trailblazer Vest so that they will zip up together.
    For the maternity panel: 
    Sizes A-B = 22” (56cm)  Sizes C-I = 24” (61cm) Sizes J -N = 26” (66cm)
    For the carry panel:
    Women’s Size A = 16” (41 cm)    Women’s Sizes B-N = 16” (46cm)   Men’s Size = 18” (51cm)

Fabric Requirements Chart

Refer to the fabric requirements chart within your original Trailblazer Vest pattern. 
You will need an extra 1/2 yd (0.5m) for either the maternity panel or the carry panel.

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