Little Red Riding Hood Cape

Size Chart + Materials List

(This pattern is EXACTLY the same pattern as the Traveller Cape)

The simple magic of the Cape is its simplicity; slip it on for warmth getting to and fro, and watch them transform into whomever their heart desires. 

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a village near the forest. Whenever she went out, the little girl wore a red riding cape...

Easy to make and easy to wear, it indulges kids' fairytale-esque ways.  Everything from a cloak length costumes to an everyday alternative to a coat, this pattern does it all.  

Nothing makes a child's imagination soar quite like a cape...


 Twig + Tale Traveller Cape Views

PDF pattern features:
  • Unisex sizes infant to teen
  • 3 Lengths: Capelet, Classic and Cloak length
  • Pixie Hood, Classic Round Hood or Collar
  • Fully Reversible
  • Make a fun rain cape in waterproof fabric!

  • Skill level:  Beginner
  • Upgrade to the Animal Cape for an extra $5
  • Info to make a Floor Length cape here

Also available in adults size | View size chart + materials list | View pattern FAQs


Make old things new again! Twig + Tale patterns pair wonderfully with recycled fabrics

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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Little miss riding hood

I’ve just finished making the pixie hooded version of the cape for my 4 year old granddaughter. What a pleasure to make. So straightforward and easy. I used drill cotton on the outside and a minke fabric on the inside.


I am very pleased with my Grandaughter's Little Red Riding Hood cape. I used a red jersey fabric for the exterior and a lovely vintage red floral for the lining. I went with the classic style hood, it looks very sweet. I love that this pattern , like all Twig + Tale patterns, can be as simple or as extravagant as you wish it to be. Very easy to sew, great result.


I love this pattern! The instructions are clear and easy to follow. The end produce came out beautifully! I sewed a "knight's cape" for my daughter. Looking forward to sewing another cape soon

Beautiful pattern

Super easy to make with detailed instructions, and so cute! Made mine reversible with two really cute fabrics and my daughter loves it. Thinking of making one for me too...


I have now completed two out of the three variations of this cape pattern. The pixie hood and the classic hood. The pattern was very easy to follow with great step by step instructions. The end products have turned out beautifully.


This pattern was so awesome and easy. I was able to put my son's Halloween costume together at work. I got so many amazing compliments on it. Will be purchasing more patterns in the very near future.

love it!

I loved this pattern. It's so well designed, directions are easy to follow, and my cape turned out perfectly.

So much happiness

This is a wonderful pattern, I also own the adult pattern. The instructions are easy to follow and it’s always a joy to have a completed garment, the only hand sewing is attaching the buttons. I didn’t think through buying material with stripes but the pattern embraced them easily. The recipient was quoted to say it was ”awesome & capes are cool”. What more can you ask for?

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Classic Cape Size Chart + Materials List

Size Chart - Finished Length (back of neck to hem)


Capelet Length

Classic Length

Cloak Length


13cm / 5”

24 cm / 9.5”



14.5 cm / 5.7”

27 cm / 10.6”



15 cm / 6”

29 cm / 11.4”


1-3 years

17 cm / 6.7”

31 cm / 12.2”

48 cm / 19”

3-5 years 

21.5 cm / 8.5”

38 cm / 14.9”

53.5 cm / 21"

5-7 years

25cm / 9.8”

44 cm / 17.3”

59 cm / 23.2”


28 cm / 11”

49 cm / 19.3”

69 cm / 27”


Suggested Fabrics / Notions

Exterior: I like to use wool blends, but most woven fabrics with a reasonable drape will work well, including fleece and WindPro fleece. Lightweight cottons or linen could be used for a spring or summer cape. Waterproof fabric could be used to make a rain cape.
Lining: I like to use cotton, linen or other breathable fabric.



Fabric Requirements for Capelet & Classic Length

You will need the amounts listed in the chart below (44” or 115cm wide fabric) for both lining fabric and exterior fabric.
You may need slightly more if matching plaids/checks or have a directional fabric.
These amounts do not take shrinkage into consideration.

Size Caplet Length with Hood or Collar Classic Length with Hood or Collar
3-6m 50 cm / 5/8 y 65 cm / 3/4 y
6-9m 50 cm / 5/8 y 70 cm / 7/8 y
9-12m 65 cm / 3/4 y 80 cm / 7/8 y
1-3 years 65 cm / 3/4 y 80 cm / 7/8 y
3-5 years 70 cm / 3/4 y 95 cm / 1 y
5-7 years 70 cm / 3/4 y 110 cm / 1 1/4 y
8-teen 70 cm/ 3/4 y 130 cm / 1 1/2 y


Fabric Requirements for Cloak Length

To make the cloak length in the larger sizes, you will need a minimum fabric width of 54” or 135cm.  If you wish to lengthen the cloak length further, you will require an even wider fabric! 

You will need the amounts listed in the chart below for both lining fabric and exterior fabric.
You will need more if matching plaids/checks or have a directional fabric.
These amounts do not take shrinkage into consideration.

Cape Size Cloak Length with Hood or Collar
1-3 years 100 cm / 1 1/8 y
3-5 years 115 cm / 1 1/4 y
5-7 years 125 cm / 1 3/8 y
8-teen 155 cm / 1 3/4 y