Children's Wildflower Pinafore - Size Chart and Materials List

Size & Measurements Chart

1) Measure the chest and the height.

2) Choose the size by height, and then use the blend guidelines to blend sizes for the child's chest measurements if necessary. 

Note: The waist and hip do not need to be adjusted (after adjusting the chest) unless the waist measures more than 2 sizes larger than the chest. 


Finished Garment Measurements

Sometimes it is handy to know how much "ease" there is in a pattern if trying to decide between sizes. 
The following chart details the measurements of the finished garment. 


Suggested Fabrics

This pattern requires fabric with a good amount of drape to avoid a stiff-looking skirt, but thick enough to avoid a transparent garment. 

Summer options include: lightweight linen, rayon, silk, seersucker, Tencel, chambray. Double gauze, voile, georgette, lawn, and muslin can be used but will need to be underlined to add some support and reduce sheerness. 

Winter options include: chambray, lightweight wool with nice drape, soft corduroy, thinner velvet. 

Lining options include: cotton poplin, voile, lawn, and other lightweight breathable wovens. 

Other Supplies & Notions

  • Spool of coordinating thread
  • Up to 1/2 yard (40cm) of light to medium-weight interfacing to stabilise the facings. Non-woven and knit types are both suitable, but knit will be more durable. 
  • Up to 13" (33cm) of 1.5" (4cm) wide elastic OR two lengths of 3/4" (2cm) wide elastic. For more information, see the Elastic Requirement Chart.
  • Two 3/4-1 1/4" (20-30mm) buttons. 
  • Optional: If adding elastic or buttons/snaps to a Collecting Pocket, you will need up to 33 1/4" (85cm) of 5/8-3/4" (15-20mm) elastic, or 3/8-3/4" (9.5mm-20mm) buttons or snaps. 

Fabric Requirement Chart

You may need more if matching plaids/checks or if you have a directional fabric.


    If you would like to add any of the following to the pinafore, you will need the following amounts of additional fabric:



    If lining the bib in another fabric, you will need 1/4 yard (20cm) of lining in all widths. 

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