Forester Maternity and Baby Carry Add-on - Materials List

Suggested Fabrics

Exterior: Wool, wool blends, corduroy, denim, pre-quilted cottons, canvas, cotton drill, suede and oil skin are all suitable fabrics. You could use quilting cottons for a spring weight vest or quilt an extra layer in between the exterior and lining fabric for extra warmth.  If you wanted a puffer-style coat, then polyester or nylon with batting quilted onto it works well.   You might consider using a stable knit for the side panels for a little extra “give” where the toddler’s legs/knees will be.
Please note:  It is NOT recommended to use thick fabrics for both lining and exterior as it may be challenging to sew through certain areas. **You may need to size up if using batting or using a thick fabric lining such as sherpa.

Lining: Traditionally you would use a slippery fabric for lining; however, cotton, linen and flannel work well too. Sherpa is also a deliciously snuggly lining fabric. If using a lightweight exterior fabric, you could use pre-quilted polyester lining to provide extra warmth. 

Other Supplies & Notions

  • Spool of coordinating thread
  • Elastic 3/4” (2cm) wide - approx 25” (60cm)
  • Separating zipper (opens completely at both ends) which matches exactly the teeth size/brand of the zipper used for the Forester Coat so that they will zip up together. 
For baby’s comfort, choosing zippers with plastic rather than metal teeth for the carry cover panel is recommended.  (Please keep in mind that lengthening/shortening your coat will require adjusting zipper length.)

    For the maternity panel:
    Size A = 24” (61cm)  Sizes B-I = 26” (66cm) Sizes J -N = 28” (70cm)

    For the carry panel:
    Women’s Size A = 18” (46 cm)    Women’s Sizes B-N = 20” (51cm)   Men’s Sizes = 24” (61cm)

      Fabric Requirements Chart

      Refer to the fabric requirements chart within your original Forester Coat pattern. 
      You will need an extra 3/4 yd (0.75m) for either the maternity panel or the carry panel.

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