Gum Emperor Moth Wings - Materials List

Suggested Fabrics

The weight of the fabric will play a big part in the structure of the wings and in the ease of sewing.

This pattern is designed for nonstretch woven fabrics only - we recommend using quilting cotton or fabric of a similar weight or lighter weight.  Cotton, linen, satin, lawn, viscose rayon, lightweight chambray, and silk are all suitable.  Please note:  It is NOT recommended to use thicker fabrics (drill, corduroy, denim etc.) as they make the wings too thick to turn out and also too thick to sew through in certain areas where there are many layers.  

Interfacing:  Using an interfacing which is not sturdy enough will result in floppy wings.  The interfacing needs to be heavyweight.  We use Formfuse 1600f which works beautifully.  Pellon 809 Decor Bond was also trialled in testing and found to be suitable.  (Birch heavyweight non-woven is not sturdy enough).

Batting:  Anything from 5mm - 20mm is suitable

Needle:  A strong sewing machine needle such as a super sharp size 90 or denim (jeans) needle.  *We recommend starting with a fresh needle.  

Elastic:  3/4" (2cm) wide - see chart below for length. 

Fabric Requirements
  Small Medium Large
Front Wing Fabric + Batting 29 x 15" (73 x 36cm) 30 x 17" (77 x 42cm) 38 x 19" (96 x 47cm)
Back Wing Fabric " " "
Sew-in Interfacing " " "
Interfacing x2 29 x 20" (73 x 49cm) 30 x 23" (77 x 57cm) 38 x 25" (96 x 63cm)
Body 10 x 11" (24 x 26cm) 11 x 13" (27 x 31cm) 12 x 13" (30 x 32cm)
Straps 30 x 11" (75 x 26cm) 38 x 11" (96 x 26cm) 46 x 11" (115 x 26cm)
Appliqué scraps scraps scraps
Elastic 30" (77cm) 34" (87cm) 44" (112cm)

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