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Here are the links to your free embroidery patterns for the series.  

We recommend that you download them right away.

  1. Click here to download the free vine wreath embroidery pattern
  2. Click here to grab the free bunny pattern (if you fancy sewing your wreath into a bunny!)

When we are ready for the series to start, you'll receive the first instalment via email.  Please take a moment to add Twig + Tale as a contact, so we don't end up in your junk folder by mistake!


Here's an overview of what we'll be covering during the 5-day Learn to Embroider series:

We will send a supplies list first,  to give you time to source supplies and prepare.  Once we start stitching there will be a few days in-between each email to catch up - as life has interruptions!   Slow stitching is all about being able to pick up and put down when required.  

You can access the videos any time using the links in the emails.  A few stitches here and there, with no race to the finish line - that is our intention here.  


Part 1: Basic supplies needed to get started with embroidery.

Part 2: Learn two basic stitches, Back Stitch and Chain Stitch.

Part 3: Learn two more stitches, Lazy Daisy Stitch and French Knots.

Part 4: Bonus extras, the Satin Stitch and Woven Wheel Stitch.



I can't wait to share our love of hand stitching.

See you soon, 



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