Our New Size Range -  0 to 32

One of the many wonderful things about sewing is that we can create garments that fit our own unique, beautiful body shapes.  Our aim at Twig + Tale is to help people achieve a good fit for their hand-made clothing.

It has been on our mind for a while that our sizing options needed re-evaluating to become more inclusive, so more can experience the joy of making their own clothes. For the past year, we've been busy behind the scenes learning and developing our size range. We are very excited to share it with you now.

Going forward, our women's patterns will be available from size 0-32, or in Twig + Tale terms, sizes A-Q.   

Our new sizing features two ranges to help achieve a better fit.

Sizes 0-22    (T+T Sizes A-L)    
Sizes 14-32  (T+T Sizes H-Q)   

The following charts show body measurements for sizes 0 - 32.  Each pattern will have its own chart detailing the finished garment measurements.

Metric Chart (centimetres)

Metric Size chart for Twig + Tale patterns

Imperial Chart (inches)

Imperial Size chart for Twig + Tale patterns

What is the difference between the two ranges?

The 0-22 range is based on a 2" cup, except for size 0 which is a girls size 12 and based on an 1" cup.

The 14-32 range is based on a 4" cup.

The ranges take scaling proportions into account. As the pattern is graded up, not everything about a pattern is increased in size at the same rate. Heads, neck, arms, shoulders for example, don’t vary as much in size as bust, hips and waist.

If you fall into the overlap category (sizes 14-22/H-L)  then you can choose between the two ranges based on your measurements. 

Understanding Cup Sizes

Cup sizes are simply based on a difference in measurements, and their name reflects this. For example, a 2" cup is a where the difference in the upper bust and the full bust is 2".

New size range for Twig + Tale patterns

  1. Measure your full bust by wrapping the tape measure around the fullest part of your bust. 
  2. Measure your upper bust by snugly wrapping the tape measure around your chest and under your arms. 
  3. Subtract your upper bust from your full bust, and use the difference to figure out your cup size.

Will you update existing patterns into the new range?
All our patterns going forward will use this new size range. Gradually, we will re-release some of our most popular, existing patterns into the new size range too.  

All of the updates once available, will be free of charge and happen automatically, for prior purchases on our website. If you purchased elsewhere simply email us to arrange the update. Updates will include both size ranges.

If you have a favourite Twig + Tale pattern you would like to see in the new sizes please let us know here. 

Will the two ranges be sold separately?
When you purchase a digital (PDF) pattern in the new sizing system, you will receive both ranges.

Thanks to everyone who helped with this new development, it was a big effort! Special thanks to our in-person fit models and testers who worked so hard on creating these new ranges with us. We so appreciate your input. Thanks also to the other designers who have graciously shared their research, such as this comprehensive survey by Helens Closet.

We recognise that this new size range is only a starting point towards a more inclusive sizing system.  I hope this has answered most of your questions regarding our new size range. If you have any questions or feedback in regards to the new ranges, we would love to hear from you via our contact form.

We hope that you are as excited for this new size chart as we are.  Our upcoming dress pattern will feature this new sizing system and we can't wait to share sneak peeks in the next few days!   

 Lisa and the T+T team