Contrast + Directional Flap Hack - Foraging + Leaf Satchels

In love with your T+T  Foraging + Leaf Satchels, but wish you could make them even more unique, or feature a special fabric? Or, perhaps you are struggling with how to orient a directional fabric when creating your Satchel?

We've got just the solution - read on to create a Contrast or Directional Flap for your Satchel!


Prepare pattern pieces

To create a  Foraging or Leaf Satchel with a contrast flap, cut all pattern pieces as normal, except:

  • Instead of cutting your exterior fabric using the “Flap + Back” pattern piece, use the “Back Lining + Pocket” piece (in your desired size + style) to cut your main satchel exterior fabric, and the “Flap Lining” (mirrored) to cut your desired exterior contrast/directional flap fabric. For directional fabrics, make sure the "top" of your print points up towards the top straight edges of your back and flap.

4 cut pattern pieces are shown - two leaf-shaped pieces from a light green fabric, and two rectangle pieces; one from a light tan fabric, the other with light green, and a pocket of blue plaid


Bonus tip: if you are using a directional fabric for your Satchel sides as well, add 3/8"/1cm seam allowance to the "cut on fold" edge of the Side pattern piece, and use this altered pattern piece to cut two sides with the print direction pointing "up" towards the notched ends. Sew these two pieces together on the end where you added the seam allowance. Then, continue as normal to enjoy the directional fabric being oriented the same way on both sides of your Satchel. This seam will end up at the center bottom of the bag.


Sewing the satchel

After cutting, sew these altered pieces together at the ends without notches, and press the seam open. These assembled pieces will now function in the pattern instructions exactly the same as the original “Flap + Back”.

The assembled pieces are shown - a light-green leaf shaped piece with quilting lines marked, sewn to the tan fabric. It is ironed flat.

Sew your Satchel exactly as described in the original pattern tutorials, using this combined contrast piece in place of the original “Flap + Back” – easy as that! I'm using the Convertible Hip Pouch tutorial for mine, which you can find here.

An in-process photo of attaching the Satchel Front to the assembled Flap + Back is shown. There is a pair of scissors and flowered pincushion sitting on either side of it.

We’d love to see how creative you get with your contrast flaps on the  Foraging + Leaf Satchels  – won’t you share them with us on social media? You can tag us @twigandtale on Instagram, or share them in our Twig + Tale Chat group on Facebook.

A woman in a blue tshirt, green pants, and black sweater wears a Leaf Satchel across the body. The body of the Satchel is beige, while the flap is light green. Embroidery is visible on the strap.

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