How to Add a Lace Overlay - Barefoot Romper

What could be cuter than baby in a Barefoot Romper?  One in a lace overlay version!  Amanda show us how to achieve the beautiful look of the one she made for her precious wee girl



  1. Cut yoke out of fabric that you intend for the "background" behind the lace overlay.  I then like to place the lace over the yoke piece to determine the exact placement I would like for the lace.
  2. Cut out your lace piece, using your background yoke piece as a template.

  3. Pin the lace on top of the yoke piece

  4. Sew using a basting stitch slowly to make sure no shifting occurs

  5. ...and that is it!  Super easy and how so sweet.  Just continue sewing your romper as per the tutorial and in no time at all you will have a gorgeous wee lace overlay Barefoot Romper!

Amanda lives in California with her three beautiful children and loves to spend her "me time" sewing beautiful things.  You can find her at Squishy Little Sunshine Creations