How to Add Trim to the Sunny Hat

Add a fun detail to the Sunny Hat with some piping or trim.  This is an easy, quick addition that adds an extra pop of colour to your project.  This technique works well for piping, mini pompoms, or any trim that can be sewn into a seam.  


  • Mini pompom trim or piping - enough to go around the brim of the hat (1 metre/yard is plenty).  Learn to make your own piping here.  
  • Zipper foot (optional)



1.  Sew up to Step 20 in the Sunny Hat tutorial.  The exterior and lining have been sewn, but not yet attached to each other.  

2.  Measure the trim so that it goes all the way around the brim of the hat, with a little bit of overlap at the ends.  Pin or clip the trim around the edge of the exterior hat brim and stitch in place (I like to use my zipper foot so I can get up close to the raised part of the trim).  

3.  Place the lining over top of the exterior, with right sides together, sandwiching the trim in between the two layers.  

4.  Pin or clip in place.  

5.  Sew all the way around the outside brim of the hat, sewing close to the piping or trim, but not right over top of it (again, a zipper foot is helpful for this step).    

Finish hat as written from Step 22 in the tutorial.  

Enjoy your fancy new sunhat.  Please feel free to share photos in the Twig + Tale Chat Group or on Instagram, tagged #ttsunnyhat - we'd love to see what you make!

Read more about the Sunny Hat here: