How to Make a Thread Chain

Thread chains are a useful technique for anchoring a lining to an outer garment.  The chains secure the lining in place, while still leaving some ease for the lining to move.  

Try making thread chains to secure the lining of the Overland Cloak - the chains will hold the lining in place, while still allowing for plenty of movement and swish.  It's a lovely couture detail that will elevate the finish of your garment. 


1.  Cut a length of thread for the chain and thread a needle.

2.  Secure the end of the thread to the outer garment.

3.  Create a starting loop, then pass your thread through the loop, creating a series of chained loops, pulling each one taut.  Continue looping until the chain is the desired length (1-2"/2.5-5cm to secure a lining).  

4.  Pull the needle through the final loop to secure the chain.  Secure the end of the thread to the lining, knotting it place and trimming the excess thread.  

And that's it!  Enjoy wearing a garment with a beautiful finish.

Thread chains can be used in other ways too!  Use thread chains to make delicate button loops, or belt loops for a dress.  

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