Introducing the Fernway Culottes for Adults + Children

Oh my, we are rather smitten with our new Fernway Culottes for Adults and Children.  

The name Fernway?  It has a lovely backstory, the confluence of three "ferns".  Named for the graceful New Zeland tree ferns (Ponga) outside Lisa's studio, a beloved school teacher named Fern, and the German word "Fernweh", meaning wanderlust, or "an ache for distant places and travel".  

Whether your Fernways take you to distant lands or to the local park, we hope you enjoy the easy-to-wear comfort and casual, flowy elegance of these lovely culottes.  

We designed the Fernway Culottes with comfort and ease of movement in mind.  They have all the elegant breeziness of a skirt, without the risk of accidental exposure, making them a practical, versatile garment for wherever your day may take you.  For our children, we find that they offer loose, unimpeded comfort for active play.  

The Fernway Culottes feature soft, wide pleats, a flat-front contoured waistband, and a channeled-elastic back for a perfect fit.  Alternately, if your preference is for a stretch-knit waistband, choose the "sensory" option for an extra-soft, yoga-style stretch waistband. 

We've also included a specially-designed pregnancy option with a contoured front piece and stretch waistband to accommodate a growing belly.  

The Fernway pattern offers three versatile length options: shorts, calf-length, and full length.  Culottes in breezy linen, gauzy cotton, or flowy rayon are dreamy for warm summer weather. 

Sew them up something thicker for cool days - pinwhale cord or a soft wool with good drape would both be lovely.  We also think they work well layered over tights for a bit of extra warmth.  

We take our pockets seriously at Twig + Tale, so the Fernway Culottes feature scooped, deep, truly functional pockets.  They're designed to be large enough to comfortably hold essentials like a phone and keys - and there's room for all the little odds and ends that seem to find their way into pockets throughout the day.  

Ties are another lovely option to add to the Adult culottes.  Fasten them in a bow at the front or back for a sweet detail, or leave them hanging loose for a more casual look.  

The adult Fernway Culottes are offered in Twig + Tale's inclusive women's/curved fit size range A-T (equivalent to a 32" - 72" hip measurement), and Fernway Culottes for Children in sizes 12-18 months to 10 years.  

Step-by-step video guides are included in addition to the photo tutorial to guide you through the entire project from start to finish.

The layered PDF file allows you to select just the size(s) you would like to print, and includes both US Letter and A4 for home printing, A0 files for copy shop large format printing, and projector files.  

We hope that you love the comfort, versatility, and casual elegance of the Fernway Culottes.  We'd love to see what you make, so please join us in the Twig + Tale Facebook Group, a friendly place to ask questions, look for inspiration, and share photos of your projects, or tag your culottes #TTfernwayculottes on Instagram.  We love seeing your beautiful creations!

<These lovely images are by Jeanique Kats, Emma Watt, and Angela Schade>