Twig + Tale Makers Series: Amy Starzl

We're pleased to introduce a new feature: the Twig + Tale Makers series.  It is our wonderful community that makes Twig + Tale what it is today.  Your passion for sewing, boundless creativity, and kindness make for such a wonderful place to (virtually) spend time together.  As part of our Makers series, we'll be featuring some inspiring members of the T+T sewing community - let's get to know each other a little bit better!

Amy Starzl (@amykloppie) lives in Colorado with her two young children and husband.  Her passions are making and mending using upcycled, natural materials.  She sews, embroiders, knits, and crochets, and loves looking for ways to combine them all.  She finds joy in sewing special things for her littles and even more when they ask her, "Mama, can you teach me too?" 

She stole our hearts when she recently shared her wedding photo and her children were wearing all Twig + Tale.  

When did you start sewing?

I’ve been sewing for one year this month.  I’ve taught myself to sew using Twig + Tale patterns.  Sewing has brought a huge boost in productivity for my makes, and is a perfect balance to my slow stitching.

How did you discover Twig + Tale?

I discovered T+T in a Waldorf handwork group on Facebook and instantly fell in love with the classic looks.

How many T+T patterns do you own?

I own 24 T+T patterns, but some day I'll own them all!

What do you like best about Twig + Tale?

How thoroughly the patterns are written - I'm still amazed by how professional everything comes out looking.  

Favourite Twig + Tale pattern?

The Driftwood Dress and Blouse.

What's your all-time favourite make?

I can't pick between this green Driftwood dress or the quilted Tie-Back Boots... you decide!

Thank you Amy for bringing so much creativity, vibrance, and positivity to the Twig + Tale community.  We always look forward to seeing what you've been working on!