Upcycle Inspiration for Pathfinders

At Twig + Tale, we are often asked about garments which can be upcycled. Today we are sharing some ideas on how to make your Pathfinder Vest from discarded garments.

Below are a few things from my personal recycling stash, to spark some inspiration on garments and items to look out for.

1)  Sheepskin Coat
This sheepskin coat would make a simple and stunning unlined vest.  You could even reuse the leather buttons.  Scraps would make amazing Tie Back Boots in Children’s or Adult Sizes.   Gifted by a friend $0

2)  Linen Shirt
Linen makes for a great vest lining as it breathes well.  Cut the sleeves open along the seam line to reveal more fabric.  Old shirt from my closet, headed for the charity shop $0 

3)  100% Pure Wool Blanket
Wool blankets are ideal for Pathfinder Vests.  Warm, cosy, colourful and relatively inexpensive compared to buyingwool by the yard.  Look for blankets with stains and holes as they are often cheaper and you can easily cut around any blemishes.  Save the good blankets for using as blankets!  Would make at least 2-3 vests with scraps for a Child’s Pathfinder, Wayfarer Shoes and Tie Back Boots. $25 from the charity shop.  

4)  Wool Skirt
This skirt is a wool blend with box pleats.  When the pleats are unpicked from the waistband it yield’s a surprising amount of fabric.  This skirt is flocked, with an almost velvety texture to it and would make an amazing outer vest fabric.  $2 from the charity shop.

Have you found some great items to upcycle?  
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