Upcycling Blog Tour: Day 4

Welcome to Day 4, already the last day of our Upcycling blog tour. We hope by now you either already started an upcycle project or have plans to do so. If not, maybe our last girls can still convince you of the fun and practicality of upcycling.

Seeing this is the last day, we also want to remind you to participate in the Rafflecopter from the Tour overview page to be in to win four Twig + Tale patterns!

Today's first blogger is Saskia is from Vera Luna. In her usual sewing she often combines upcycling with new bolt fabric, and she did the same for the tour. She made this gorgeous Wild Things hooded scarf with one of her old trousers (we all have at least one pair that has been in our closet forever but still fits and therefore stays there), a piece from her fabric stash and some awesome fur from a remnant bin from the fabric store.

Buying remnants from a fabric store might not "officially" count as upcycling, but it does save money and resources if you buy those.

Louana from NZ Green Buttons loves to shop at thrift stores and she made the cutest baby gift set with a thrift-ed pair of shorts. I think nobody will disagree with me that her upcycled set, consisting of an Evergreen bonnet and Wayfarers, does the fabric more justice than the original garment (which you can also see in her post). Besides using the main fabric, she also used the trim of the shorts and turned a part of it into little pulls for the shoes.

Louana actually gave me one of her other pictures as a sneak, but I misbehaved, and decided to show you this one. There is no way you will be able to resist clicking to her post after this picture.

Saskia, the talented lady behind The Wolf and the Tree made her daughter this beautiful cape and a pair of Pixie pants. She used an old blanket and a blouse to create both garments. Both the prints and the colors of the two garments work extremely well together. That is another advantage of upcycling. You fabric choice it not limited to what your local fabric store sells, you can just walk around the house (or search in your husbands wardobe closet) in search of the perfect match. Most of the time you also already know how the fabric holds up during washing, which is very valuable info. 

Roxanne from Crafting like a Rox made her daughter a super creative Pea Coat. Her coat illustrated that upcycling can help you in hacking a pattern. Roxanne was inspired by the gatherings of the original dress added this design to her new coat. I love the hacked detail and I am sure many others will too, so I very excited that Roxanne also provided a tutorial on how you can hack the Pea coat to make your own. Roxanne shows that upcycling can also inspire you to use construction methods from the old garment into the new.

To close the tour we want to thank all our awesome participants. Girls you were amazing!

Don't forget to enter in the Rafflecopter from the Tour overview page to be in to win four Twig + Tale patterns!


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