Welcome to Twig + Tale Blog Tour - Day 4

Today we have four bloggers showing you their beautiful makes with Twig +Tale patterns for the "Welcome to Twig + Tale" blog tour. Before we show you their makes, we want to remind you of our our HALLOWEEN SALE on the Wild Things Coat, Cape, Vest and Hooded Scarf to help you out with your halloween costumes.

Kirsi from Vaahtokarkkimonsteri is from Finland. I always read her blog in "a picture is worth a 1000 words" mode, seeing I do not speak Finnish. Fortunately, she usually has ton of pretty pictures. Today's blog post is mostly English though, so we can all enjoy both pictures and words. Kirsi made a Pixie Pea Coat with Ragged Daisies on the outside, click to her post to see many more pictures.

Gabrielle Life in our busy household is our third blogger from New Zealand. She has a very special treat for you. For the blog tour she sewed Pixie Shorts and Pixie Hood Cape which she lined with Luna Rising Shadow. After sewing these lovely garments she had some fabric left though, exactly enough to make two Wayfarer Baby Shoes. She decided to give away these crazy cute shoes on her blog, run don't walk to check out how you can win them on her blog!

Rebecka from Elephant Dimples has tested many of the Twig + Tale patterns and although Rebecka does not blog much, she has a very impressive Instagram feed, filled with amazingly beautiful pictures. For the tour she made a Briar doll, a Little Red Riding Hood Cape and Pixie Shorts for daughter and a Pathfinder and Wolf Wild Things scarf for her son! Among others, she used Menagerie Onyx and Capped Biome from Art Gallery. Check out the rest of the fabric and lovely pictures at her blog

Deb from Sprouting Jube Jube sews for herself and her two girls, She is  from Canada and she loves to organize all kind of inspiring blog tours. For our blog tour she sewed both the Pixie Shorts, the Pixie Pants and a cape to dress both her lovely girls. She used In the Thicket Dawn and Laced Sunset from Art Gallery Fabrics. On her blog you can read more about these lovely ensembles.

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