Welcome to Twig + Tale Blog Tour - Day 6

Welcome to Twig + Tale Blog Tour - Day 6

Today, we arrived to the last day of the tour. This week we have shown you many of the Twig + Tale patterns, but even on the last day we can show you something new. So, go and spot the new, almost ready for testing one!

Olu from Needle and Ted is kicking off today. Olu has an amazing sense of humour and although l though I only know her digitally, she has made me laugh so many times. She is not only funny in her conversations, also her blog and patterns are very entertaining. But of course I am allowed to say more, so I will add she has a great sense of style and amazing sewing skills. For the tour she sewed two Pixie Shorts, one she showed on Monday already and one in Art Gallery Bombazine Inspired which she talks about in this post.


Marie- Paule from So Popo Sew is the only blogger on the tour that I actually have met in real life! She is from Belgium and she loves to sew for daughter, herself and occasionally for her son. Marie Paule is a super productive sewer, she knocks out project after project in no time. If her fabric would have arrived yesterday, she still would have been able to show a lovely Art Gallery Fabrics outfit. Unfortunately, her fabric did not arrive yet. However, she still sewed up a lovely outfit containing Pixie Shorts and Pixie Hat, check out the outfit here.

Ula (not to confuse with our first blogger of this day) from Lulu and Celeste is from the US. Besides clothes for her two daughters, she also regularly sews other projects like head bands and buntings. For the tour Ula made a lovely Cat Pathfinder Vest. She used He Loves Me Plum to line her piece, check her blog for pictures of the whole vest.

Last but not least is Lisa herself! The designer behind Twig + Tale is blogging from her lifestyle blog Big Little Tales today. Lisa's head is filled with so many creative ideas for patterns, that there is no way she can make them all. She is trying though! For the tour she made Tree Climber Pants and a Pathfinder Vest for her lovely little boy! Among other fabrics, she used Panda Patches Blue from Art Gallery. You can get a sneak peek of a new pattern in progress and read more on her blog here.

Seeing this is the last day, this is also the last reminder to enter in the raffflecopter to win 2 yards of Art Gallery fabrics and 5 Twig + Tale patterns!

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October 16, 2016

So adorable. These shorts remind me of living in Japan. Kids were always dressed in shorts and tights in the winter, so cute!

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