Satchel Sew-along - Materials List

To help you prepare for the upcoming Foraging and Leaf Satchel sew-along, here's some information to help you decide which style to sew, and what materials you will need. 

The patterns will be releasing on Wednesday, April 10 (New Zealand), and the sew-along will start the same day. Join us in the Twig + Tale Chat group on Facebook or follow us on Instagram to participate in the sew-along. We'll post extra tips, tricks, ideas for customising your satchel, and lots of beautiful inspiration!

Satchel styles and sizes

The Foraging Satchel and Leaf Satchel are designed as versatile, soft-structured shoulder bags for young children through to adults. They are offered in two sizes, Small and Large, and in Landscape and Portrait variations.

  • Two strap widths with either a knotted adjustment or hardware
  • Two strap lengths (child and adult, with instructions for fitting the strap for a tall/full adult)
  • Internal pocket to organise items, with an elastic security band or a darted security band to hide contents from view
  • Wear over the shoulder or cross-body

Finished satchel sizes

Here are the finished satchel sizes (for both Foraging and Leaf Satchels) to help you decide which size to make:

*The Small size can comfortably fit most tablets and A5 notebooks. The Large size can easily contain an A4 sketchbook, B5 composition book and small laptops. 

Suggested fabrics

Midweight, non-stretch woven fabric. Options include linen, cotton, cork, hemp, chambray, lightweight canvas, lightweight denim, lightweight leather, lightweight twill, velveteen, wool suiting, corduroy, wool, brushed cotton. 

Other supplies and notions

  • Spool of coordinating thread
  • Elastic (elasticated security band option only) - 8-14" (20-35cm) of 3/8" (1cm) to 7/8" (2cm) knitted elastic, or similar midweight elastic
  • Batting/Wadding (Leaf Satchel only)
  • Hardware (optional). Either x2 three bar sliders, or x1 two bar and x1 three bar sliders. A D-ring can also be used in place of the x1 two bar slider. If using the Wide Strap & Loop, use 2" (5cm) hardware. If using the narrower Strap & Loop, use 1.5" (38mm) hardware. 
  • Interfacing (optional) to reinforce areas that experience high amounts of wear and tear. Interfacing may also be added for a more structured satchel. If so, using your choice of strap width, Front, Flap + Back, and Side pieces, cut and apply a medium weight interfacing to the corresponding exterior pieces before sewing. A fusible woven or knit interfacing is the most durable option.

Fabric requirements

* You may need more if matching plaids or checks, or if using a directional fabric. 

Portrait Foraging/Leaf Satchel


Landscape Foraging/Leaf Satchel


If cutting a longer strap than the adult length provided, add another:



~ Lovely cover image by Fanny Storlund ~