QR Testing and Sew + Show Opportunities

Current QR testing (paid) and Sew + Show openings for NEW patterns are listed here:

Wildflower Pinafore - Woman's/Curved Fit - application form for QR test

We are looking specifically for sizes:
  • A-C (0-4)
  • F-H (10-14)
  • Q-T (32-38)

    Wildflower Pinafore - Child Fit - application form for QR test 

    We are looking specifically for sizes:
    • 12-24mth
    • 4-5yr
    • 8-10yr


      Ongoing - We are always in search of testers for our size update project, specifically for the Men's/Straight Fit Size chart (Sizes 58-66). If you are interested, we would love to hear from you! Please email support@twigandtale.com. Thanks!