Toadstool Village Size Chart + Materials List


This pattern includes a village of three different sizes of toadstool houses with the following finished heights: Small  6.5" (16.5cm), Medium 8" (20cm) and Large 10" (25.5 cm)

Suggested fabrics

Walls and Base: Woven fabrics.  I like to use wool, but you can also use fabrics such as linen, cotton or canvas.
Cap: Red fabric in a similar weight for a classic toadstool. You can add white felt spots to a plain fabric if desired.  You could use any colour or patterned fabric for a less traditional option.  

Fabric yardage requirements

Walls and Base: 12” or 30cm of fabric is enough to make all three sizes (a complete village).
Cap: 12” or 30cm of fabric is enough to make a complete village (this is enough for two villages, but you will need this amount to make one).

Other supplies & notions

  • Spool of coordinating thread
  • Stuffing
  • Small double-bagged bag of sand, rice or wheat OR small pebbles for weighting each toadstool
  • 14" (35 cm) fine silver cord/elastic for each toadstool 
  • One half-inch (10 mm) bell for each toadstool
  • Scraps of felt or non-fraying fabric for windows and doors
  • Small button for door handle for each toadstool
  • Scrap of cardboard to insert into bases of toadstools

  • White felt for spots
  • Embroidery thread or wool in various colors
  • Length of yarn for clothesline and posts
  • Small scraps of colored felt for clothes on clothesline 
  • Tiny wooden clothes pegs for clothes on clothesline


  • Regular sewing supplies
  • Embroidery needle with large eye
  • Erasable marker – optional

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