Animal Shoes Size Chart + Materials List

Animal Shoe size guide 

Click here for the printable Twig + Tale Shoe Size Chart for measuring your child's foot.

Baby Sizes
Size 1  - 0-3 months
Size 2  - 3-6 months
Size 3  - 6-9 months
Size 4  - 9-12 months
Size 5  - 12-18+ months

Child Sizes
Size 6-13
Youth sizes 1-4


Suggested fabrics

Exterior:  This pattern is suitable for most light-to-medium weight woven fabrics.  Quilting cotton, linen and wool blends are my favourites.
Lining: Lightweight cotton.
Soles: Corduroy, denim, or similar sturdy fabric.  For shoes intended for a walking baby, please be aware that fabric soles can be slippery, so applying a non-slip treatment is recommended.
Ears:  A non-fray fabric (felt, fleece, suede, leather) is recommended so that you can use a single layer. 

These little shoes can be also be made from upcycled materials such as felted lightweight woolen jumpers, embroidered linens, woolen blankets (for the larger sizes in particular), vintage sheets and many articles of clothing with meaning, such as a relative's favourite shirt or dress.  


Fabric & notions

  • Exterior: less than ¼ yd/m - scraps
  • Lining: less than ¼ yd/m - scraps
  • Ears: Tiny scraps!
  • Soles: less than ¼ yd/m - scraps
  • 7” (18cm) of quarter-inch (6mm) elastic for BABY sizes
  • 15" (38cm) of quarter-inch (6mm) elastic for CHILD/YOUTH sizes
  • Spool of coordinating thread
  • Embroidery thread or yarn to stitch the facial features
  • Raccoon and Panda and Fox require non-fray fabric for the extra patches - or fabric stabiliser to applique on

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