Cosy Toes Tour: Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of our Cosy Toes Tour. 

Yesterday, the new Tie back boots for Grown-ups were released, and today you get to see six different pairs of Twig + Tale footwear.

Footwear in any size is perfect for upcycling or using scraps as you will read in today's posts.

Let's start the tour with the cutest pair for today. Let's face it, anything sewn that is smaller than the size of a grown ups hands 'makes us all say "ahhh".This pair of baby mouse Wild Things Shoes is doubly cute - you have to check out those whiskers and the surprising back in Nina from Fliegfederfrei's post.

The main fabric was scraps from an earlier project and the leather was left overs from the furniture industry, which makes for a very inexpensive footwear. 

Today's second post is by Nicola from Create.nic. She made two lovely pairs of Tie Back Boots in Women's sizes, both were upcycled. One from a scarf and another one from a sweater.

Nicola's boots show that you can be creative with the ties, she used two different kinds of lace trim. Many of us have a haberdashery stash filled with trims and lace that we have no clue what to use for, well they might be perfect for a pair of tie back boots. 

Amy, from Sew Many Adventures took a very funny and personal take on upcycling by making her and her husband "sole mates".

She made a pair of boots for herself from his pair of jeans and her husband wears a pair of boots made from her jeans. I am really in awe about the original pocket placement on his boots.

These boots would have ALSO  been perfect in our previous tour about using the details from the original garment while upcycling.

The last blogger of today is Angela from Sew Snippets. She shows that these boots make a perfect canvas for fabric decoration. One pair, she hand embroidered a colorful bouquet of flowers on. If your would like to do something similar but have not embroidered yet, you could use the Twig and Tale and Embroidery patterns.

On her second pair of boots, tall ones this time, Angela appliqued and machine embroidered leaves which which will take your breath away.

The entire footwear collection in the Twig and Tale shop are on sale with the code "Cosy Toes".  The Tie Back Boots for Grown-ups have an extra special introductory price.

Join the Cosy Toes fun and giveaway in the Twig and Tale Chat group, and we will see you back here tomorrow for a look at some more wonderful footwear.