Cosy Toes Tour: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Cosy Toes blog tour.

Yesterday, we had mostly women boots on the tour - today kids are getting most of the action. Today's bloggers all are showing you a new take on existing patterns. They are demonstrating that with a little extra imagination the sky is the limit when it comes to customization. Just ask your child what kind of footwear he/she would like and start your creative journey. 

Shelly from Sew Shelly Sew used the Wayfarer shoe pattern and hacked them (she explains how) into moccasin looking shoes.

After seeing the adorable result, she had to sew another pair, which I totally understand, they look so fashionable and comfortable at the same time.


Saskia from She Who Sews is showing off her craft cross-over skills. She used origami butterfly instructions (for paper) to make beautiful origami butterflies from fabric. It is such a smart move and the possibilities are endless.

You can find many origami instructions on the internet and many of those would look awesome on boots or shoes.

Gabrielle was inspired by the Wild Things Coat and made super cute unicorn boots.

The fur she used for the manes would make any girl's heart pound faster (and that of some boys too) and she lined them with a very matching fabric.

To inspire you even more, she is also showing you some of the new Women's size Tie Back Boots.

Lastly is myself - Miranda from Inspiration!  I sewed myself some women's Tie Back Boots and made my daughter some lady bug shoes. I used the animal face from the Wild Things Boot pattern and transferred it to the shoes. The toe pieces are not exactly the same, but with a minimal effort you can strongly increase the amount of pre-supplied animals with a cross-over like this.

If you missed the tour yesterday, than you can find it here. Tomorrow, is the last day of the tour, with lots to look forward to!

For all information about the sale and give away you can scroll down to the bottom of this post.