Cosy Toes Tour: Day 3

On the last day of this Cosy Toes Tour, all our bloggers managed to pick a different pattern, so we have a lovely overview of almost all patterns to finish off the tour.

Although this is the last footwear post, the 15% discount on all footwear is still valid until midnight Friday June 9th 2017  (PST). 

Audrey from Skirt Fixation made her new baby girl an actual capsule wardrobe and she sewed two pair of shoes to match the adorable outfits that she made. She made a pair of fluffy baby mouse slippers and a pair of moth shoes, that were actually inspired by a blog post in last year's tour.

Those moth shoes show that you can make very special shoes without actually doing something extra - the fabric can be totally enough on its own and the Wayfarer pattern lets you make reversible shoes to have two special sides.  

Emi from Just Add Fabric made her daughter a pair of dragon boots. Emi herself has doubts about her hand embroidery skills, but I do not agree. Those dragons made with the Wild Things Boots pattern look fierce and cool and I am sure they will get plenty of flying ours with her girl jumping around in them.

This shows that often we are our worst critics. You might think that your project did not turn out as you envisioned, but the world around you will probably think you did an amazing job!

Deb from Sprouting Jube Jube made her daughter this cute pair of tie back boots with jersey for both the outer and the inside.

Jersey will make your footwear extra soft and the stretch will give them  a bit more growing room without the footwear actually being too big. Deb used anti-slip material for the soles which is a very good idea if you anticipate your kids running and jumping in them.

Alternative fabric choices are another way to customize these patterns, to make them fit your need or simply to make them fit your fabric stash.

Olu from Needle and Ted is showing you that even if your sewing does not go according to plan, you can still end up with a very nice result. Olu did not realize that the sizing table was different from the UK sizes that she is used to and her size 6 women's boots turned out way too small for Olu herself. Her daughter would turn out the (almost) perfect alternative but you have to read her post to see how that turned out.

Just as well these boots make perfect gifts as well!

These were the last four posts of this tour. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Here is an overview of all of the posts, in case you missed one.

Thursday: Skirt Fixation - Sprouting Jube Jube - Needle and Ted - Just Add Fabric