How to Adjust Boots for a Fuller Calf - Adult Tie Back Boots, Animal Boots

Our Adult Tie-Back Boots and Adult Animal Boots include an option for making extra-cosy tall boots that hit just below the knee.  This style provides lots of extra warmth for chilly days, and feels so lovely to wear. 

Use this simple pattern modification to adjust the fit of the boots for a fuller calf, and sew a pair of tall slipper boots customized exactly for your measurements.  


Gather some basic materials to adjust the pattern pieces:

  • Measuring tape
  • Taller Height Heel pattern piece
  • Scrap paper
  • Pen/pencil
  • Ruler

To Adjust for a Fuller Calf

1. Measure your calf circumference (around the widest point of the calf).

Adult Animal Boots + Tie Back Boots Calf Adjustment by Twig + Tale

2.  Look up the finished calf measurement for your selected size from the 'Tall Boot Top Opening Circumference' table (pictured below, or can be found in the pattern tutorial).  

Subtract the measurement from the chart from your calf measurement (determined in Step 1).  For example, if your foot is a size E (15.9” calf from the table), and your calf circumference is 22.7”, the difference would be as follows:
22.7” - 15.9” = 6.8”

Twig + Tale Calf Size Chart for Adult Tie-Back & Animal Boots

3. Divide this difference by 4, and add that result to the top of the edges of the Taller Height Heel pattern piece at the back (red dotted line below) and at the front (blue dotted line below).

In our example, 6.8” ÷ 4 = 1.7”, so you will add 1.7” to the top of the back edge of the pattern piece and 1.7” to the top of the front edge.

Adult Animal Boots + Tie Back Boots Adjustment for Fuller Calf by Twig + Tale

4. Draw a gentle curve from the new top back corner to the ankle to form the new back seam (dotted red line in the illustration below).

Draw a straight line from the new top front corner to the top of the foot to form the new fold line (dotted blue line in the illustration below).

Adult Animal Boots + Tie Back Boots Adjustment for Fuller Calf by Twig + Tale


Cut and sew as outlined in the tutorial, and enjoy wearing a pair of cosy, custom-fit, tall slipper boots!  

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~ Cover image by Jocelyn Buggie ~