How to Convert Waistband Loops to Stand Up Loops for Ties - Wildflower Pinafore

During the adult Wildflower Pinafore's development, we found that though we loved the included belt loop style for the sash and bow ties, we wanted to explore another way to show off the bow!

This "hack" replaces the Attach Waistband Loops portion of the Women’s/Curved Fit Wildflower Pinafore tutorial, raising the ties above the waistband to allow the bow to be a little more full and for the Waistband to lay flat against your back.

Please note that waist ties are for adult garments only.  Ties may pose a hazard to children and are not safety compliant in many countries.  



  1. Starting in the Create Waistband Loops section of the tutorial, cut two lengths of Tie Loop and follow the instructions to make four 3 1⁄4” (8.5cm) loops. You will be able to cut three loops from one Tie Loop. 

  2. Select one Back Waistband. Fold a loop in half, and position them over a notch on the top Waistband edge, aligning all three raw edges. Pin in place.

  3. Repeat for the remaining three loops.

  4. Baste the loops in place with a 1/4” (6mm) seam allowance.

  5. With right sides together, place the remaining Back Waistband on top, aligning edges and notches. Ensure that the loops are neatly sandwiched between the Back Waistband pieces and pin everything in place.

  6. Sew along the length of the top seam with a 3⁄8” (1cm) seam allowance. Press the seam open.

  7. Return to the tutorial for Attaching the Back Waistband, and follow the directions to complete your Pinafore - being careful to not catch the loops in your stitches when sewing the skirt and waistband seams.
  8. Your loops will be affixed by three different lines of stitching, and should be nice and secure for threading your ties!


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