Introducing the Euro Leaf Blanket Collection

We're so pleased to announce that the Twig + Tale forest is expanding with a new Leaf Blanket Collection!  The Euro Leaf Blanket Collection is inspired by plants and trees one would encounter while wandering the woodlands, meadows, and gardens of Europe.  

The idea for the Leaf Blanket Collections was dreamed up by Lisa's seven-year-old daughter, who is passionate about restoring and protecting jaguar habitat.  She is thrilled that a portion of the sales from this pattern will go towards planting trees and protecting animals.

Read more about her project here.  

The Euro Leaf Collection features five beautiful leaf types: English Oak, English Ivy, Hawthorn, Holly, and Shamrock.  Each style includes unique quilting templates, highlighting the shape and detail of each leaf type, while creating lovely texture and depth.  

The leaf blankets are a project well-suited for sewists of all levels, including beginners.  All you need is a regular sewing machine.  Even if you have never quilted before, this is the perfect way to give it a try - a small, manageably-sized project with a satisfying end result.  We think it would be a lovely project to make with children who are interested in learning to sew.

The Euro Leaf Blanket pattern includes two versatile sizes that can be used in so many different ways.  They are perfect as a child-sized cuddle blanket or floor mat to create a cosy play space, but there are so many other possible uses.  Our testers suggested a long list including change pads, stroller blankets, picnic blankets, trolley seat covers, wall hangings, pet beds, seat pads, and the list goes on! 

Also available is the Leaf Blanket for Dolls, including a range of sizes suitable for dolls 9-18 inches in size.  These diminutive leaves make lovely playthings for little hands and are sure to be put to use cuddling and caring for favourite lovies.  Just watch and see all the other creative uses that children will dream up for using leaf blankets of all sizes - they are a wonderful open-ended prop for imaginative play.

The Euro Leaf Blanket and Doll Euro Leaf Blanket patterns include a clear, thorough tutorial that includes photos, videos, and helpful tips to guide you through the entire project.  The layered pdf pattern allows you to print just the size(s) you need, and is available in A4 and A0 formats.  

We hope that you enjoy this sweet, whimsical pattern and look forward to seeing all of your creative ideas for sewing leaves. They really are such a simple, satisfying project - before long you may find yourself with your own forest!  

Remember that the Euro Leaf Collection joins our original collection of New Zealand Leaves - we are thrilled that each pattern sold continues to support a young child's dream to plant trees and preserve animal habitat.  

We'd love to see you over at the Twig + Tale Facebook group where you can ask questions, look for inspiration, and of course share photos of your creations. 

~Lovely images by Minke Hoeksma, Sasha Ford, Liz Joffrion, Angela Schade, and Jeanique Kats~