Introducing the Sou'Wester Rain Hat

We're so pleased to introduce the Sou'Wester Rain Hat, part of our Rainhaven outerwear collection.  The Sou'Wester is a classic style for a reason - it looks great and it keeps the rain out! 

While rain gear may not be flashy, but there is something entirely satisfying about sewing the practical, essential gear that our families use every day.

We just love the look and functionality of the classic, waterproof Sou'wester Rain Hat.  Have you ever tried wearing a rain hat?  It can be a great solution for those who don't like the feel of wearing a hood, offering improved visibility.  Often when children turn their heads while wearing a hood, they end up seeing the inside of the hood.  A hat means that visibility is much improved, and the brim offers excellent protection from the rain as well. 

This classic style has an angled brim that extends at the back to keep the rain out.  The shaping of the brim keeps rain from dripping down the neck, and an optional neck guard provides extra protection from wind and rain.  A simple elastic strap keeps the hat in place on blustery days. 

The Sou'Wester Hat is available in a full range of sizes from baby to XL adult.  The pattern tutorial also includes fabric recommendations and instructions for seam-sealing your hat for a watertight finish.  

The Sou'Wester Rain Hat includes options for printing at home using US letter/A4 paper and an A0 file for the print shop.  We also offer specially-formatted projector files.  The pdf features "layers" so that you can select just the size(s) you would like to print. 

We hope that you enjoy sewing the Sou'Wester Rain Hat, and that it will accompany you and your family on many rainy-day adventures.  

Read more about the Rainhaven Collection here:

    <Lovely Images by Jeanique Kats, Samantha Thoms, and Jordyn White>