Introducing the Rainhaven Weather-Wear Collection

We're so pleased to introduce the Rainhaven Collection, garments designed for families who love to spend time in the great outdoors, whatever the weather.  With a size range from toddlers to adults, these pieces are designed to be functional, easy to layer on, and simple to sew.  

While rain gear may not be flashy, there is something entirely satisfying about sewing the practical, essential gear that our families use every day.  We hope you enjoy the feeling of resourcefulness that comes with sewing outerwear - you'll be surprised by how simple it is! 

There are so many benefits to spending time outside in nature, in all seasons and weather.  While it may seem difficult to get outside on wet days, it can be a magical time to explore.  Drippy, squishy, splashy, and muddy, the sights, sounds, and smells in nature are a completely different sensory experience on wet days. 

Having the right clothing allows the freedom to explore the great outdoors in all weather, and for children to enjoy immersive nature play.  

The Rainhaven Collection includes three garments: the Sou'Wester Rain Hat, Rainhaven Overalls, and Rainhaven Pants.  These pieces have been designed to be functional, with well-considered details, and no extraneous bells and whistles.  

The Sou'wester Hat is a classic style, with an angled brim that extends at the back to keep the rain out.  This style of rain hat is a classic for a reason - it works!  The shaping of the brim keeps rain from dripping down the neck, and an optional neck guard provides extra protection from wind and rain.  A simple elastic strap keeps the hat in place on blustery days.  

The Rainhaven Pants are simple, functional waterproof overpants.  Designed to be pulled on over clothing, they have enough ease to allow for a full range of motion - running, jumping in puddles, kneeling in the garden, or squatting down to examine exquisite tiny worlds in tidepools or on the forest floor.

The pants may be customized with optional knee and seat patches, elastic stirrups to hold pant legs in place, and pockets.  Both the Children's Rainhaven Pants and the Adult Rainhaven Pants are unisex designs (the adult pattern includes options for different heights).  

The Rainhaven Overalls offer more coverage, with a high curved bib, and may be favoured by those who don't like the feel of an elastic waist.  They have a loose, easy fit with adjustable shoulder straps and side snaps to tailor the fit.  

Optional features include stirrups, knee and seat patches, and a chest pocket.  Note that the Children's Overalls are a unisex pattern, while the adult patterns are separated into Men's and Women's for the best possible fit.  

The Rainhaven Pants and Overalls can be sewn in a range of fabric - take a look at this blog post for a comparison of different fabric types.  Try them in light nylon for an easily-packable version, perfect for tucking into a backpack for a hike.  A thicker version made in softshell will offer some insulation, a great option for cooler weather.  

At Twig + Tale, our preference is to sew with natural fibres, and we absolutely love these garments in canvas, cotton duck, drill, or oilskin.  These fabrics give the garments a lovely "utility" feel, and the durability of the fabrics will ensure good longevity.  Take a look at this blog post for more information about waxing fabric for a waterproof finish.  

The Rainhaven Collection includes both child and adult sizes.  The children's patterns include sizes 6-12 months to 10 years.  The adult size range picks up where the child range leaves off, with a 32"-60" hip (81-152cm).  

The patterns all include detailed tutorials with clear photos and videos for every step of the process - perfect for beginners and visual learners.  The patterns also include a tutorial for seam-sealing for a waterproof finish.  Interested in seeing how seam-sealing works?  Take a look at this blog post.  

The pattern includes options for a printing the pattern at home on A4/US letter-sized paper, as well as an A0 file for the printshop.

We know from experience that having the right gear can make all the difference to the success of an outing.  That's why we have put so much care and attention into designing these patterns in a thoughtful way, and putting them to the test! 

For outdoor play, forest school, hikes, or gardening, we hope that your hand-made rain gear will accompany you on many adventures.  

Read more about the Rainhaven Collection here:

~Lovely images by Lisa Spearman, Jeanique Kats, Hannah Evans, Samantha Thoms~