Introducing the Nature Wings Collection

Dress-up clothes have always been amongst my daughter’s most-beloved playthings.  She and her friends transform themselves into all manner of characters - fairies, bunnies, dragons, and explorers are all regular visitors in our home.  These lovely wings are a very special addition to the dress-up basket, nurturing much creative, nature-inspired play. 

Stitch wings for your little ones and watch their imaginations come alive as they flit and flutter about - these are sure to become a playtime favourite!   

We are so pleased to announce the release of the Twig + Tale Wing Collection, consisting of three unique and beautiful wing styles.  The wings have been designed to be sturdy enough to withstand the rigours of children’s play without the use of wires or boning - they are soft and play-friendly for even the littlest sprites.  Yet, they have the perfect amount of firmness and perk to stay upright. 

Patterns for three different wing styles are available:

  • The Luna Wings are based on the delicate swallowtail form of the female luna moth. 
  • The Gum Emperor Wings, based on the gum emperor moth, have a rounded shape and feature bold, eye-like markings. 
  • The Dragonfly Wings feature wide, narrow wings and an elongated body.

Each style has been beautifully designed, with elegant shaping and contrast appliqués that invite creative fabric combinations and extra embellishment like hand stitching, sparkly beads, or sequins. 

A unique strap attachment method gives three-dimensionality and allows the wings to flap gently as the wearer moves - the movement really is delightful and adds to the magic of wearing wings. 

The strap design ensures that the wings are easy to slip on, comfortable, and secure (rest assured, our young testers subjected them to some vigorous running, jumping, and flapping!).  The elastic in the straps allows the wings to be worn over clothing or outerwear, and for extra adjustability, snaps can be added as well - a useful feature if you are sewing them for gifts, selling, or for different-sized siblings sharing wings. 

In addition to the "accessory" wings with straps, any of the wing options can be attached directly to garments such as the Pixie Coat, Pathfinder Vest, or Petal Dress with snaps - we think that fans of our Animal Collection will enjoy all the new possibilities!  Simply snap off the wings when washing garments or buckling little ones into car seats.  


    The patterns in the Wing Collection are offered in three sizes. Small (1 to 3-4 years) and Medium (5-10 years).  Size Large will fit ages 10+ to Adults.  

    The wing patterns are quite detailed and involve a fair number of steps, however there are no particularly difficult sewing skills involved.  Advanced beginners who have some projects under their belts and feel comfortable sewing around curves should be able to sew wings.  The tutorials are very clear and thorough, with photos and videos for every step of the project from start to finish. 

    We will be hosting a "slow and steady sew-along" to share the experience of sewing this magical project with others, and answer any questions you may have.  Sometimes a bit of moral support goes a long way!  If you're interested in joining us, please sign up here: Wings Sew-Along 

    We are so excited about the designs in the Wing Collection and hope that they bring joy to the little (or big!) people in your life.  They are a lovely fusion of imaginative play and nature - both things that we hold dear at Twig + Tale.  

    Please feel free to join us in the Twig + Tale Facebook group to ask questions, look for inspiration, and of course to share photos of your creations.

    ~Lovely images by Lisa Spearman, Regina Cecylia, Jana Harcus, Angela Schade, Jocelyn Buggie~