Our Men's/Straight Fit Size Range

Our Men's/Straight Fit patterns are available in sizes 30-66, which runs to a 66" (167.5cm) chest and a 66"(167.5cm) hip.  

Note that "Straight Fit and Curved fit" aren't a reference to "plus-sizes", but rather body shapes (curved meaning having a bust).  It is a naming convention that offers an alternative to traditional gendered labels. 

Our Men's/Straight Fit patterns are offered in two ranges: 30-52" size rangewhich carries directly on from our children's sizes and also includes free youth/tween sizing, and the 46-66" size range

Future patterns will be developed in these two size ranges.  We will continue to update existing patterns (currently the last patterns to update are the Trailblazer, Forester and their associated add-ons).

Read on for more information about how the updated size chart works and how to select your size.   


Why are sizes 30-34 drafted for different heights?

Sizes 30-34 are our youth/tween range. These sizes are ideal to bridge the gap when your child is sizing out of the child range but typically not in adult sizes yet.  Youth sizes are provided free of charge inside the 30-52 Men/Straight Fit size range.  

Read more about our tween/youth range here

What If You Are Between Individual Sizes (within a range)

Very rarely do people's measurements fall exactly in one size. That's why ready-to-wear clothes might fit at one part of the body, but be too loose elsewhere.

A bonus of sewing your own clothes is that you can sew a custom size to fit your unique body. If your measurements fall in multiple sizes you can blend between them! All of our sewing patterns have fitting resources on how to accomplish this inside each individual pattern.

The two size ranges include a generous 4 size overlap, so no matter where you sit on the size chart, you will be able to successfully blend between sizes.

Consider the Ease of a Garment

T+T patterns are designed with generous ease to ensure a comfortable fit and to allow for freedom of movement.

Twig + Tale patterns include a detailed "Finished Garment Measurements" chart. This provides the amount of "wearing ease" at various points of the garment making it easy to determine whether or not you may need to make fitting adjustments.

If you find that patterns come up larger than you prefer, it might be useful to understand ease so you can adjust it to suit your needs.

When dealing with woven fabrics, the garment measurements for your chosen size(s) will be bigger than your body, even on a close-fitting garment, to allow you to breathe and move around in it. We call this 'ease allowance'.

Different styles of garments will have differing amounts of ease allowance. Loose-fitting garments will have lots of ease as part of the design, whereas more tightly fitted garments will have less ease. If there is a lot of ease, you could choose to go down a size if you preferred a tighter fit - and vice versa. 

    If you do decide to size up or down, bear in mind that other areas of the garment, such as the shoulders or forearm, will come up larger or smaller too and you may have to adjust for that - read on for more info on individual fitting adjustments!

    Generally, bottoms at T+T include elastic, so the ease allowance at the waist is 0, so that the elastic clings to you. You also need to ensure that there is enough ease to get things on and off.

    Fitting Adjustments

    In addition to blending between sizes, it may be that you need to make some more technical adjustments to get the perfect fit. We have a wide range of common fitting adjustment tutorials on our blog, search for the name of a specific pattern on the blog for fitting resources related to that pattern.  

    Which printing formats are available?

    Our sewing patterns are available as a downloadable PDF and include three printing options:

    1. US Letter/A4 - tiled and designed to print on your home printer
    2. Copyshop - A0 wide-format file (33.1″ x 46.8″) 
    3. Projector - specially-formatted and optimized for home projector use.  Read more about using our projector files here 

    All pattern printing formats include “layers”, allowing you to print only the size(s) you need, or all of the sizes. 

    When will sizes 63 and 66 be available?

    The Breeze Shirt, Shore Pants and the upcoming Pathfinder Vest are already available to a size 66.  The Grove Coat has been drafted to a size 66", however we haven't yet been able to release past a size 60 because we haven't been able to find testers for the last two sizes (we want to make sure they are right before releasing them!).  If you sew for someone in a size 63 or 66 and would be interested in a paid testing opportunity in those sizes, please get in touch at support@twigandtale.com.  

    What if I have previously purchased a pattern in the original size range?

    If you have previously purchased a pattern which has since been updated to include the new 30-66 size range, you will find that the updated pattern has been automatically added to your Pattern Library.  Simply log in to your account and navigate to your Pattern Library to download them.

    If the updated pattern includes any associated add-ons, be sure to use the updated add-ons, alongside the updated patterns.  These add-ons can also be found within your Pattern Library.

    Read more about the Twig + Tale size charts here: