Pricing Update

As a business we want to ensure we can continue to produce the patterns you know and love, with quality you can trust, and ethics you can support.

It is not in the nature of T+T to rush things, we move a bit slower here, taking time and care with the things we have, and we believe that is a good thing.

This last year at T+T has been a full one, even outside of new pattern production. Here is some of what our small team has been working on:

  • New Pattern Library - We changed the way we deliver our patterns to you, and designed a new simple, easy-to-view Pattern Library page complete with all your purchased patterns displayed alphabetically.
  • Size Update Project - Our team has drafted an entirely new block for the Woman's/Curved size chart, to update the available sizes to 0-38.  We will shortly be launching 4 updated patterns from our existing collection in these new sizes.
  • Adaptive Pattern Pieces for post-mastectomy with flat front closure, created for the Fable Dress
  • Existing Pattern Updates - Adding projector files (over 75 so far!), adding video classes and A0 copy-shop files to some patterns which didn't previously have them, and general update tweaks to our collection as we continue to gain knowledge along our learning journey.
  • New Patterns - Two new designs which will be ready for release by the end of the year!

Costs of our Work - Living our Values

It is important to us, especially as our business grows, that we fairly compensate everyone involved in producing our patterns.  This doesn't stop at providing fair wages to our team, and amongst other things also includes:

  • Payment of Quality Review testers towards their time, materials, and love
  • Payment of fit-models during initial in-house pattern development
  • Payment of the moderator team in our community group, towards their time and care in creating a safe space for all.

    T+T patterns are known for their clear, detailed instructions that reliably enable you to produce quality, timeless, well-fitting garments that cover all seasons.

    We strive to go above and beyond in regard to the value that we offer you, including with no additional charge currently:

    • Creating specialised adaptive pattern pieces and tutorials for people with fitting challenges such as post-mastectomy with flat front closure.
    • Creating specialised adaptive pattern pieces and tutorials for people with sensory challenges.
    • Providing step-by-step video classes for the majority of patterns.
    • Extensive fitting resources on the blog

    Financially Sustainable

      So that we can maintain our offering of trusted, high-value patterns we need to ensure our business is financially sustainable, especially in the face of increasing costs and inflation. 

      As of September 9, some of our prices will be increasing.

      • Children’s garment patterns will now be USD $12
      • Adult garment patterns will be priced at USD $16.

      Hats, Footwear and Playful pattern pricing will not be changing at this point, and we will continue to offer our high-value bundles.

      Additionally, updated and new Woman's/Curved Fit patterns will become available in two size ranges.  Sizes A-L (0-22) and Sizes H-T (14-38). 

      Our updated pricing will come into effect as of Thursday 9th September 2022 (NZT).

      We appreciate your continued support - we couldn't do it without you.  Here's to many more adventures together in our shared love of sewing, and creativity,

      Lisa and the T+T Team