Introducing the Magical Wings Collection

With so many fantastic winged creatures for inspiration, we felt that another wing collection was certainly in order.  This time, we're bringing you three mystical, magical wing designs that are sure to inspire much imaginative play: Angel, Dragon, and Woodland Sprite Wings.  

We are so pleased to announce the addition of three more unique and beautiful wing styles to the Twig + Tale Wing Collection.  Like our original nature-inspired wings, the new styles have been designed to be sturdy enough to withstand every-day play without the use of wires or boning - they are soft and play-friendly for even the littlest sprites.  

Inspired by magical adventures and mystical fairy-tale worlds, the three new styles joining the collection are:

  • Angel Wings, with a graceful wing shape that invites pretty embellishments.
  • Dragon Wings, with a swooping wing shape (because every great adventure story needs a dragon).
  • Woodland Sprite Wings with a delicate, pointed shape that is perfect for sprites and fairies.   

A unique strap attachment method gives the wings movement and ensures they are easy to slip on, comfortable, and secure (rest assured, our young testers subjected them to some vigorous running, jumping, and flapping!).  

Elastic straps allows the wings to be worn over clothing or outerwear, and for extra adjustability, snaps can be added as well - a useful feature if you are sewing them for gifts, selling, or for different-sized siblings sharing wings. 

In addition to the "accessory" wings with straps, any of the wing options can be attached directly to garments such as the Pixie Coat, Pathfinder Vest, or Petal Dress with snaps - we think that fans of our Animal Collection will enjoy all the new possibilities!  Simply snap off the wings when washing garments or buckling little ones into car seats. 

The patterns in the Wing Collection are offered in three sizes. Small (1 to 3-4 years) and Medium (5-10 years).  Size Large will fit ages 10+ to Adults (perfect for costumes or cosplay).  

The wing patterns are quite detailed and involve a fair number of steps, however there are no particularly difficult sewing skills involved (we would recommend that you feel comfortable sewing around curves and interesting shapes). Don't worry if you've never quilted or done appliqué before - this is a wonderful introduction.  The tutorials are very clear and thorough, with photos and videos for every step of the project from start to finish.  

We also have our "Slow and Steady Wings Sew-Along" posts as a permanent resource on the Twig + Tale blog.  The posts provide some extra tips and can help you to plan and pace your sewing.  If you're interested in subscribing to the Sew-Along email series, please sign up here: Wings Sew-Along 

We are so pleased with all the designs in the Wing Collection and hope that they bring joy to the little (or big!) people in your life.  

Please feel free to join us in the Twig + Tale Facebook group to ask questions, look for inspiration, and of course to share photos of your creations.

<Lovely images by Lisa Spearman, Tracy Dillard, Jessica Gillespie, and Ruth Phillips>