The Nestledown Baby Wearing + Pregnancy Add-On - for Forester Coat

Keep your littlest loves snuggled close with the Nestledown Coat Baby Wearing + Pregnancy Add-On.  Enjoy the sweet closeness and convenience of baby wearing while staying warm and comfortable!

This clever add-on pairs with the Women's and Men's Forester Coat, allowing it to be worn for pregnancy, baby-wearing, and beyond.  Create a truly versatile garment that will keep you and your baby cosy and stylish.  

The Nestledown Coat Add-On includes two panels that zip in to the existing Forester Coat zippers.  One is a Pregnancy Panel, which beautifully accommodates a growing baby bump throughout pregnancy.  Elastic above and below bump level gently shapes the panel for a for a good fit.   

The other is the Carry Panel, which offers two sizes, accommodating tiny babies through toddlers.  The carrier cover is designed to be worn over top of a front carrier with baby facing in towards you.  

It can be made with or without a wind collar, and includes two styles of detachable hood for keeping little ones warm: a classic round hood, or Twig + Tales's favourite pixie hood.  Zip it in to your Forester Coat to keep you and your little one cosy in a cocoon of warmth and snuggles.

We hope that you enjoy the versatility of the Nestledown Baby-Wearing + Pregnancy Add-On for Forester as much as we do.  Please join us in the Twig + Tale Facebook group to ask questions, look for inspiration, and of course to share photos of you and your cosy little ones in the Nestledown!

Did you know that there is also a Nestledown Vest Add-On for the Women's and Men's Trailblazer Vest?  It is a wonderful option for when the weather is a little bit warmer and you don't quite need the warmth of a full coat, but it still keeps baby snug.    

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~Images by Leanne Steel, Rachel Osterday, Ann Snelson, and Katie Jewison Johnson~