Upcycling Blog Tour: Day 2

Welcome to day two of the Upcycling tour! I hope you enjoyed day one as much as we did. Today, we again have four very different projects that will hopefully inspire you in your next upcycling project. 

Jeanine from the Craftingfiend upcycled old work clothes from her mother into a super cute Pathfinder Vest. Those pockets and princess seams from the original garment give a wow effect without actually having to spend hours on sewing them.

Her alternative button placket is a perfect example of how upcycling often makes you think more creatively. It can happen that you realize your new garment will need button holes, and your old one has them, but in a non-perfect spot. Solving such a puzzle can be very satisfying. 

Stacy from Stylin Stacy sewed an amazingly cool purple velvet cosplay Travelers cloak from a blanket. She writes in her post that upcycling from a blanket might be too "simple", but that is actually what this tour is all about.

To show that upcycling does not have to be hard and in your quest for the perfect fabric, you may not actually have to search far, it might just be laying on your coach already. Her hand sewn appliqué shows that you can make upcycling as hard as you want though, she spent hours on that cool detail.


Nelleke from Gaafmachine created both a  pair of Wild Things shoes and a pair of Pixie Shorts. At the top of her post you can flip through her pictures and make sure you carefully study the first, she has an impressive collection of all the fabrics she used for her projects. Among those are two expensive shirts.

This shows that upycling is a perfect solution to those clothing items that you have a very hard time parting with. They might have been rather expensive, but if they either do not fit anymore or your taste has changed, giving those items a new live will make you feel better for sure. 

Jenya from While She Was Sleeping upcycled old denim trousers in a Pathfinder Vest. Denim is one of those fabrics that almost everyone has some of laying around. Although Jenya upcycled her husband jeans, her method would also work on trousers from your child that have become too small.

The fact that stripes from different jeans will have different colors just increases the fun. Jenya's post also illustrates that you can do just as much upcycling as you are comfortable with - you do not have to overdo it!  She called herself a rebel for sewing the Pixie Shorts in new fabric, I would say she is a shining example of that you should always sew what makes you happy.

I hope you again enjoyed today and if your hands are itching to sew yourself some new Twig and Tale, make sure you visit the tour overview page to enter the Rafflecopter to have a chance to win four free patterns!