Adult Fishing Vest - Size Chart + Materials List

Suggested Fabrics 

Exterior: Wool, wool blends, corduroy, denim, pre-quilted cottons, canvas, cotton drill, suede and oilskin are all suitable fabrics. You could use quilting cottons for a spring weight vest or quilt an extra layer in between the exterior and lining fabric for extra warmth. 
Pockets: Because of the nature of the box pockets, look for fabrics which are sturdy but not bulky, such as cotton drill, lightweight canvas, etc.
Lining: Cotton, linen, and flannel work well. 

Other Supplies & Notions

  • Separating zipper (opens completely at both ends) 
  • Mens sizes 32-36 = 18” (46cm) zipper    Mens sizes 38-52 = 20” (51cm) zipper   Mens Sizes 54-60 = 22” (56cm) zipper
  • Womens size A = 15.7" (40cm)  Womens sizes B-I = 17.7" (45cm) Womens sizes J-N 19.7 (50cm)
  • Snaps, buttons, or hook and loop tape (eg. Velcro) to fasten the pockets
  • Optional - Cotton twill tape for loops - approx 6” (16 cm)    
  • Carabiners - optional for clipping onto loops 

    Fishing Add-on Fabric Requirement Chart

    For the Fishing Add-on you will need an extra 16" (40cm) of fabric for the pockets in additional to the amount of fabric required for the original Trailblazer Vest.

    Size + Measurements Charts for original Trailblazer Vests

    Men's Trailblazer Chart 

    Women's Trailblazer Chart

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