Baby + Child - Shoe Size Chart + Materials List

Click here for the printable Twig + Tale Shoe Size Chart for an accurate measurement your child's foot in relation to Twig + Tale footwear patterns.

Baby Sizes 
Size 1: 0-3m
Size 2: 3-6m
Size 3: 6-9m
Size 4: 9-12m
Size 5: 12-18m

Child Sizes
Sizes 6-13: approximate ages 18 months  to 6 years.
Sizes Youth 1-4: approximate ages 6 to 9 years.

Suggested Fabrics

Exterior: This pattern is suitable for most light-to-medium weight woven fabrics.  Quilting cotton, linen and wool blends are my favourites.
Lining: Lightweight cotton.

These little shoes can be also be made from recycled materials such as felted lightweight woolen jumpers, embroidered linens, denim jeans, woolen blankets (for the larger sizes in particular), vintage sheets and many articles of clothing with meaning, such as Daddy’s favourite shirt or Grandma’s dress.  

Soles:  You will need to take the age of the wearer into consideration. 
For babies - wrap those delicious toes in soft, cuddly fabrics, as they won't be walking or need a low-slip option yet. 
For toddlers just starting to walk - choose a low-slip option such as suede, leather or a special sole fabric with little “bubbles” on it to prevent slipping.  These fabrics, however,  are less suitable for a reversible shoe. 
For older children who love to slide down the hallway - corduroy, denim, or similar sturdy fabrics are suitable.  If desired, you could also add an extra layer of wadding or felted wool in between the soles for some extra cushioning.

Other Supplies & Notions

  • Spools of coordinating thread. As these shoes are reversible, you will want to make sure your cotton colours match both of your fabrics.
  • 7” (18cm) of quarter-inch (6mm) elastic
  • If using leather or suede for soles, you may require a leather needle for your machine.


Fabric Requirement Chart

In most instances, these shoes can be made from scraps of fabric - perfect for using  those precious off-cuts you have been hoarding!  If you need to purchase fabric, you will need the following amounts.  Depending the size you are making you may get more than one pair from these amounts.

Fabric Width  115cm/44”

All Sizes


less than ¼ metre/yard


less than ¼ metre/yard


less than ¼ metre/yard


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