Wayfarer Shoes

Size Chart + Materials List

These reversible shoes are a sweet afternoon project for growing feet, from babies' delicious little toes through to older kids active feet. The pattern requires very little fabric—choose cosy wool for winter or lightweight linens for summer—making it a perfect upcyling project or scrap buster. 

A day spent indoors is a journey spent traversing staircases that become mountains and blankets that become fields and forts.  With their feet warm and cozy, there’s no stopping their imaginations as they run wild and free.

A perfect pattern for Waldorf Indoor Shoes.

Pattern Features
  • Extensive size range  0-3 months - approximately 9 years
  • Choose size bundle using dropdown menu when ordering
  • Fully lined, no exposed seams
  • Skill level:  Beginner - adventurous beginner


Twig and Tale Shoe Pattern Illustration  

View printable shoe size chart | View sizes + materials list | View pattern FAQs  

Make old things new again! Twig & Tale patterns pair wonderfully with recycled fabrics. Look to fine, soft sweaters, hand embroidered napkins, gently-used vintage sheets, and leather/corduroy garments for inspiration. 

Don't be afraid to embellish a little! Explore our beginner-friendly Embroidery Pattern Collections.

Cover image - Valentina Kachanovskaya


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Cute as a button

These little shoes are fabulous and so easy to make

So easy!!

Easy instructions. Perfect first birthday present for my nephew!!

Wayfarer shoes

A great pattern, I have now made 2 pairs for young children and found it easier to zig zag round the edges of the 2 top pieces before attaching the whole shoe together - it was quite hard to catch all the layers the first time round. I used some soft leather for the outer sole and that worked fine. They are staying on the little feet very well. I felted a shrunk wool jersey and used that fabric, so they are very warm and cosy. A nice quick make - one evening!

So professional looking!

I've had so many compliments on the wayfarer shows. They look amazingly professional. Quick to sew up. Comprehensive and clear instructions. Can't wait to make heaps more!

Fantastic easy pattern

I am newly back to sewing but managed to make these wee shoes easily. The instructions are so clear. The shoes are exquisite. Loved the tip to cut a template of the toe pattern out in clear plastic so you can place it over a part of the fabric you want to highlight - I put a wee deer on one shoe and a wee bear on the front of the other. I've made two other T&T patterns so far and will quietly work through them all. I have started sewing for my month old grand baby and can see me making things for her using T&T patterns for years to come. Thanks

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Shoe Size Chart + Materials List

Shoe Size Guide 

Click here for the printable Twig + Tale Shoe Size Chart for measuring your child's foot.


Suggested Fabrics

Exterior: This pattern is suitable for most light-to-medium weight woven fabrics.  Quilting cotton, linen and wool blends are my favourites.
Lining: Lightweight cotton.

These little shoes can be also be made from recycled materials such as felted lightweight woolen jumpers, embroidered linens, denim jeans, woolen blankets (for the larger sizes in particular), vintage sheets and many articles of clothing with meaning, such as Daddy’s favourite shirt or Grandma’s dress.  

Soles:  You will need to take the age of the wearer into consideration. 
For babies - wrap those delicious toes in soft, cuddly fabrics, as they won't be walking or need a low-slip option yet. 
For toddlers just starting to walk - choose a low-slip option such as suede, leather or a special sole fabric with little “bubbles” on it to prevent slipping.  These fabrics, however,  are less suitable for a reversible shoe. 
For older children who love to slide down the hallway - corduroy, denim, or similar sturdy fabrics are suitable.  If desired, you could also add an extra layer of wadding or felted wool in between the soles for some extra cushioning.

Other Supplies & Notions


Fabric Requirement Chart

In most instances, these shoes can be made from scraps of fabric - perfect for using  those precious off-cuts you have been hoarding!  If you need to purchase fabric, you will need the following amounts.  Depending the size you are making you may get more than one pair from these amounts.

Fabric Width  115cm/44”

All Sizes


less than ¼ metre/yard


less than ¼ metre/yard


less than ¼ metre/yard



Click here for the printable Twig + Tale Shoe Size Chart for measuring your child's foot.

Baby Sizes 
Size 1: 0-3m
Size 2: 3-6m
Size 3: 6-9m
Size 4: 9-12m
Size 5: 12-18m

Child Sizes
Sizes 6-13: approximate ages 18 months  to 6 years.

Youth Sizes
Sizes Youth 1-4: approximate ages 6 to 9 years.