Animal Hot Water Bottle Covers - Materials List

Fabric Requirements

Base fabric: Each cover differs slightly in size and fabric required and you may find you can use up scraps. If you need to purchase fabric then 3⁄4 yard or 60cm of 44” (115cm) fabric will be sufficient.
Detail fabric:
Multiple scraps - with the largest piece needed being approx 12” x 10” (30cm x 25cm).


Suggested Fabrics 

Base fabrics for the cover need to be soft and warm and something you would like to cuddle up to!  I find these covers are particularly well suited for recycling soft wool fabrics such as blankets and woolen pants or skirts.  Other warm, soft fabrics such as fleece, minky, felted wool sweaters, wool blends, velvet or stable knits are also suitable; however, please be aware of the following two points when choosing fabric.
1)   You will need to be able to iron your fabric, so some fleece fabrics may be unsuitable for this reason.
2)   You will need to stabilise any stretchy fabrics by adding iron-on stabiliser to the back of the fabric/sweater before you start to prevent stretching as you sew on the facial features.

Detail fabrics for the facial features need to be lightweight and not prone to heavy fraying.  Regular quilting cotton or something similar is recommended.  If you use anything heavier than this, your sewing machine may struggle to get through all the layers in certain places.


Supplies & Notions

  • Spool of coordinating thread
  • Scraps of applique paper/fusible web
  • Scraps of contrasting fabric for facial features
  • 25” (65cm) bias binding, twill tape or ribbon - this is needed only if you are not cutting your back pieces along the ribbing edge of a sweater or the selvedge edge of a blanket.


  • Snap, button, velcro or dome for closure at the back - optional
  • Snaps or buttons to fasten “paws” - alternatively, you can leave the paws loose or applique them.

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