Happy Birthday Pathfinder Vest!

We're celebrating 10 YEARS of the Pathfinder Vest! 

One of our most beloved patterns, the Pathfinder Vest, is turning 10 years old, and you're invited to join in the festivities!

The Pathfinder was amongst Twig + Tale's very first patterns, and it has continued to grow with our company over the years.  Way back in the early days, it was a children's pattern, but now it is available in all of the T+T size ranges - babies, children, youth/tween, and it will be available in our updated adult size ranges from Wed 21 June 2023!

A timeless favourite, the Pathfinder is easy to sew and has lots of versatile options including charming Animal Add-Ons.  Have a look at the hundreds of 5 star customer reviews to see why the Pathfinder remains so popular with the Twig + Tale community!


Will you help us celebrate?  You can join in the festivities two ways...

  • If you've already sewn a Pathfinder or Animal Vest, share your photos on Instagram or the Twig + Tale Chat Facebook group, with the hashtags #TTPathfinderVest and #TTPathfinderCelebration.

  • If you haven't sewn a Pathfinder yet, you can still join in by downloading our Animal Vest colouring page and design your dream vest - it's a fun project for children and adults! 
    Share a photo of your colouring sheet with the hashtags #TTPathfinderVest and #TTPathfinderCelebration.  

Download the colouring page here

Next week, we will randomly select someone and gift a Pathfinder Family Bundle + the Animal Vest Add-On collection, to co-incide with the release of our Updated Adult sizes.

Thanks for helping us celebrate... Happy Birthday Pathfinder!