Introducing Animal Boots for Adults

How many times have you looked at the children's Animal Boots and thought to yourself, "I'd like a pair for myself".  Well, you're in luck!  We're pleased to announce that these charming, cosy slipper boots are now available in a wide range of adult sizes.  

Featuring a selection of irresistible critters, the Adult Animal Boots are perfect for anyone who appreciates fun and whimsy, regardless of age.  We hope they bring a smile to your face too.   

The Adult Animal Boots are soft-soled, fully-lined indoor boots that are designed to keep feet warm and snug.  They also happen to be incredibly cute, and a wonderful way to enjoy some everyday fun!  Choose from eight animal options, each with unique, appealing appliqué details that provide plenty of scope for creativity. 

Designed for comfort, the beautifully-finished lining has no scratchy exposed seams, and a wide toe box provides ease over the foot.  Soft, internal elastic ensures that the boots stay put when walking.     

The Adult Animal Boots pattern includes two height options - ankle height and tall boots, which hit just below the knee (an optional full calf pattern piece is included for the tall boots).  The tops can be worn folded over for a different look, providing a peek of contrast lining materials.  

The pattern includes a generous size range - up to an adult 15 - picking up right where the children's sizes leave off, making them a great choice for older kids who have outgrown the children's range.  

The PDF tutorial includes all the information you need to successfully sew a beautiful pair of boots, including:

  • Suggestions for materials and an upcycle guide (including instructions for using felted wool sweaters for sewing slippers)
  • Custom fitting resources
  • Clear photographs and detailed instructions for every step of the process
  • Clear, concise videos that demonstrate how to sew the boots - perfect for visual learners

The Animal Boots, like all T+T footwear patterns, can be made on a regular home sewing machine, with no special supplies needed.  

We hope you enjoy sewing and wearing these charming slipper boots, which are absolutely perfect for padding around the house on chilly days.  Sew Animal Boots for Children to create an entire family of cosy critters.  

Share your makes on social media with the tag #TTanimalboots - we would love to see what you are making!

Please feel free to join us at the Twig + Tale Facebook group where you can ask questions, look for inspiration, and of course share photos of your creations.

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