Introducing the Pathfinder Vest in Men's/Straight Fit sizes

We're so pleased to announce that the Men's/Straight Fit Pathfinder Vest (the final pattern in the Pathfinder family) has been released and is ready for you to sew.  Now you truly can make Pathfinders for everyone!

One of the things we absolutely love about the Men's Pathfinder is that it is such a simple sew.  Often beginner (and not-so-beginner!) sewers feel some hesitation about making adult garments, but if you can sew a children's vest, then you can sew a men's vest.  It is completely do-able, and the results are ever so satisfying.  

It's no secret that we're big fans of vests at T+T.  We appreciate the versatility of layering garments for different seasons, and the comfort of having a bit of extra core body warmth, with arms free.  The Pathfinder has long been a favourite pattern at Twig + Tale for it's simplicity and versatility.  

We're happy to say that the Men's Pathfinder is packed with just as many options as the children's version.  Make a casual waistcoat style with rounded neck or v-neck (as pictured above) for a classic look.  Or choose from two hood styles, round or pixie, for a cosy and casual hoodie.  The vest can be made with a button stand and buttonholes, or if you'd prefer to go the no-buttonhole route for extra simplicity, then fasten the buttons with loops.  Two styles of patch pockets are included: square pockets, which are a practical size for holding a phone, or shaped kangaroo pockets for warming hands.  

The vest can be made with a straight back, or a curved dropped back for a bit of extra coverage.  We've also added an optional back yoke, which is very simple to make, but provides a bit of extra visual interest.  It works well for colour blocking, adding a quilted panel, or for a subtle topstitching detail.  

Whichever options you choose, the Pathfinder is fully-lined, with no exposed seams, for a lovely, neat finish.  

The Pathfinder Vest can be made from a wide range of fabrics.  Wool coating, wool suiting (for a lighter vest), denim, canvas, corduroy, or pre-quilted fabrics would all work well.  For upcycling, we love wool blankets or coats (often the cuffs and sleeves are worn and threadbare, but fabric can be salvaged from the body of the coat).  Denim, leather, and other small fabric scraps make interesting accents and look lovely for the optional contrast yoke.    

The Men's Pathfinder pattern includes a size range from a 32" (81cm) to 66" (167cm) chest measurement.  We've included a detailed tutorial that includes photos and videos for every step of the process - perfect for beginners and visual learners.  

The pattern includes options for a printing the pattern at home on A4/US letter-sized paper, an A0 file for the printshop, and a specialized projector file.  

The entire family of Pathfinder Vests have become a perennial favourite at Twig + Tale, and we're so excited to be able to add the Men's/Straight Fit vests to the collection.  We're convinced that the beauty of the Pathfinder lies in its simplicity - it has an easy fit, clean lines, and it is so simple to sew.  We hope that you enjoy sewing vests for yourself and your loved ones!  

Did you know that the Pathfinder Vest is also available for babies, children, and women/curved fit?  Read more about the Pathfinder Vest collection here:

<Lovely images in this post by Brigitte Erhart, Sarah Booth, Rose Lewis, and Genevieve Ouellet>