Introducing the Women's Trailblazer Vest

We're so pleased to introduce the final member of the Trailblazer family: the Women's Trailblazer Vest.  

It features the same beautiful design and zip-up convenience of the men's and children's versions, shaped just for women.  

This one took a wee bit longer because we've been busy perfecting an add-on that we're very excited about, specially designed for expectant, and baby + toddler-wearing parents: The Nestledown Baby-Carry and Pregnancy Add-On.  

The Women's Trailblazer Vest features beautifully-shaped princess seams and a subtly-shaped back yoke for a great fit.  A zip front with stand collar fastens right to the chin.  Add the optional wind flap for extra warmth and a professional-looking finish.  

The in-seam pockets are perfectly placed for warming hands, and are particularly lovely when lined with a soft, warm fabric.  Choose between a straight hem or a curved, dropped hem for longer coverage at the back.  

Nervous about sewing a zipper?  The Trailblazer tutorial provides clear, simple instructions that will guide you through the entire process, with tips for achieving a great-looking result.  Give it a try and you'll be sewing zippers stress-free in no time!

Would you like to add some extra warmth to your vest?  Puffer vests are an on-trend way to stay cosy when the weather turns cool, and the Trailblazer includes instructions for adding batting to your fabric to make an insulated puffer-style vest.  Or, try upcycling a sleeping bag, like the vest pictured above!  For more puffer inspiration, including quilting and fabric choices, have a look at this blog post.  

Did you know that certain elements of the Women's Pathfinder and Trailblazer can be used interchangeably?  Read more about how the patterns work together here.  

The Women's Trailblazer pattern covers a wide range of sizes, from a 30" to 51.5" bust.  The layered pdf pattern allows you to select just the size(s) you would like to print, and includes both A4 and A0 files.  The tutorial is clear and easy to follow, with video tutorials to guide you through sewing your vest from start to finish.  

The Nestledown Baby-Carry and Pregnancy Add-On

Nestledown Baby Wearing + Pregnancy Vest Sewing Pattern by Twig + Tale

Much love and attention have gone into perfecting the Nestledown Baby-Carry and Pregnancy Add-On.  The Baby-Carry panel fastens to both the Mens + Women's Trailblazer Vest, providing an extension that allows you to zip your vest closed over a little one in a front carrier.  

The add-on includes a panel to fit babies and toddlers, as well as an optional wind collar and detachable round or pixie hood to keep little one snug and cosy.  

When you aren't carrying your little one, simply zip the panel out and you have your Trailblazer Vest!  

The add-on includes the carry panel for the Men's Trailblazer, so papa bears can zip up too.  We just can't get enough of these sweet little ones nestled in their cosy carriers!

Also included in the Nestledown Add-On is a pregnancy panel, which zips to the Trailblazer Vest to accommodate a growing belly.   We just love how the Nestledown adds so much versatility to the Trailblazer: wear the vest throughout pregnancy, the baby and toddler-carrying years, and beyond!  

We hope you enjoy sewing Trailblazer Vests for the whole family!  Please join us at the Twig + Tale Chat Facebook group to ask questions, look for inspiration, and share photos of your lovely vests!  

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If you're looking to sew a vest for the each member of the family you can read more about our Men's and Children's Trailblazer Vests here:

~Images by Angela Schade, Joanne Bonny, Rachel Osterday, India Hunt Martens, Katie Jewison Johnson, Sarah Connell, and Renee Michienzi~