How to add a Detachable Hood to the Trailblazer Vest

Would you like to add a bit of extra cosiness to your Trailblazer Vest?  The detachable hood is a quick, easy, and versatile addition.  Snap it on for chilly days, or remove it when you don't want the bulk of a hood.  


  • Hood pattern pieces (from the Forester Coat or Pathfinder Vest)
  • Extra outer and lining fabric to cut hood pieces
  • Five snaps and preferred tool for setting

If you are using the hood pattern pieces from the Pathfinder Vest, they will require a small modification (see Step 2 below).  If using the hood pattern pieces from the Forester Coat, use the pieces as-is with no modification (skip Step 2).  


Cut hood pieces from exterior and lining fabrics.  You may use either the round hood pieces, or the pixie hood pieces - both work well for making the detachable hood.  


1.  With right sides together, sew the hood outer and lining pieces together.  Open hood pieces out so that lining and outer face each other.  

Trailblazer Detachable Hood

2.  If using the hood pieces from the Pathfinder Vest, trim the curved base of the hood straight across so that it is flat.  If using the hood pieces from the Forester Coat, use as-is, without trimming the base.  

Trailblazer Detachable Hood

3.  Turning hood inside out so that right sides are facing once again, stitch along the bottom of the hood, leaving a gap of roughly 4" (10cm) to turn right side out.  

Trailblazer Detachable Hood

4.  Turn hood right side out and topstitch 1/8" (3mm) from the edges of the hood, closing the turning gap as you go.

Trailblazer Detachable Hood

5.  Apply snaps, spaced evenly along bottom edge of hood, with smooth side of snaps to the exterior and the working part to the interior.   

6.  Use hood to mark snap placements along the collar of your completed vest, with working part of snap to the exterior. 

Trailblazer Detachable Hood

7.  Snap on that fancy new hood! 


Trailblazer Detachable Hood 

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